What Processes Does a Drug Rehab Program Include?

Drug addiction can be a difficult habit to kick. Your body becomes dependent on the drugs, and you can’t seem to function without them. However, there are drug rehab programs you can embark on.

It is important to note that the journey to beating drug addiction isn’t an easy one. Nevertheless, you can overcome your drug habits by preparing for the addiction rehab program. You aren’t alone in this arduous journey; we are here to guide you.

75 percent of addicts aren’t receiving any treatment. According to a report, drug use disorder is widespread, frequently goes untreated, and co-occurs with several different mental health conditions. This is why it’s vital you get on a treatment plan as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll explain the processes of a drug rehabilitation program to prepare for what is to come.

Explaining Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is the process of assisting a person in going through their day without relying on drugs. As a drug addict, your body has gotten accustomed to the drugs you abuse. Therefore, your day feels incomplete without the substances.

The addiction rehab program exists to help you quell your addiction. However, quitting drug addiction is no simple task. In fact, we don’t advise you to quit your addiction suddenly. You need to ease into the steps of drug rehab to wean your body off the effects of the drug slowly.

The procedure for drug rehab involves checking into a rehab facility. These facilities have a team of trained and professional personnel acting as physicians to look after you. The rehab center will also have a team of counsellors, nurses, and psychiatrists.

Furthermore, a rehab center will ensure that all their treatment plans are certified and licensed. The personnel are also qualified and medically verified to take care of you.

Additionally, most drug rehab programs feature medical detox procedures. These detox procedures will purge your system and erase all the impurities created by the drug.

How Do You Know When You Need Drug Rehab?

In some cases, some mild drug addicts have been able to kick the drug habit on their own. However, those cases are rare. We highly recommend that you visit an addiction rehab program in Vancouver to assess the level of your addiction.

Furthermore, drug rehab centers guarantee a place free of temptation. You’ll benefit from the gentle drug rehab processes, especially if you live with people who partake in drug consumption.

You’ll need drug rehab if you fall under any of these categories

  • If you constantly relapse after a period of brief sobriety
  • If you suffer from an adjacent medical condition like anxiety or depression when you’re on the drugs
  • If you keep struggling with drug addiction despite several attempts to curb the habit on your own
  • If your drug addiction is becoming fatal to your health

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struggling with drug addiction

How will Drug Rehab Help?

This section will cover what happens during drug rehab and help you understand how the treatment will help.

Aside from the overall care, the drug rehab facility will customize a schedule to fit your taste and help you go through the stages. Each process is necessary for guiding you through the vicious withdrawal period.

So, let’s dive into the individual processes of the drug rehab program. We’ll ease you into what you should expect at each stage.

Processes of a Drug Rehab Program

Although, addiction treatment plans may vary from facility to facility. There are four main phases of the addiction rehab program. The four phases are intake, detox, rehabilitation and aftercare.


Intake is the initial phase that deals with evaluating the patient. This evaluation aims to create a personalized plan for the individual. The program will be pivotal in laying the path to a full recovery.

No two addicts are experiencing their addiction pains in the same manner. Hence, the personalized plan is customized to prepare the ideal treatment plan that is particular to each patient.

There will be a meeting with a professional medical expert to discuss treatment options for the drug rehabilitation program. Some tests during this meeting can be a psychological examination and a medical assessment.

Furthermore, the specialist may ask for family background and personal history. All this information will shape the perfect treatment plan for you.



Detox is the second phase in the addiction rehab program. Detox deals with managing the severe withdrawal symptoms you’ll start to manifest. Detox can be a harrowing experience; hence it needs to be monitored.

The medical staff at the rehab clinic will be observing your behaviours. Under the surveillance of the staff, they will be able to assist you in dealing with withdrawal syndromes.

In some extreme cases, these withdrawal symptoms can prove fatal, especially if you’re on your own. Thankfully with the rehab staff on standby, they can administer some medication to ease the pain.


At this stage of the drug rehab program, you will be undergoing full rehabilitation to deal with the source of the problem. The rehab phase deals with intense therapy to find out the cause of the addiction in the first place.

We advise you to undertake the inpatient program if your addiction is severe. This procedure for drug rehab requires you to remain in the rehab facility for the entire duration of your program. However, if your addiction can be managed, you can opt for the outpatient program.

You will need to visit the rehab center based on a schedule as an outpatient. The outpatient program also allows you to deal with family obligations and work responsibilities without compromising one for the other.

Overall, rehab is a vital part of the drug rehab process. You’ll be able to root out the source of your addiction. You’ll also get the necessary treatment to discourage you from returning to the drugs.


Aftercare is the final phase of the drug rehab program. In the aftercare phase, you focus on recovery and healing. Now, addiction isn’t a permanently eradicated problem, and you’ll need to overcome any temptation of relapse.

The road to recovery is a lifelong procedure, so you must take care of your renewed body. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare your body to re-enter society and continue sobriety.

Furthermore, depending on the addiction rehab program in Ontario, you’ll have to discuss this with your counsellor. The counsellor will draw out an aftercare plan to ensure that you continue your sobriety. You can also meet up with fellow recovered addicts to encourage each other to maintain your new lifestyle.

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Deciding to quit your addiction is only the first step. However, you don’t need to panic because drug rehab programs are available. These rehab programs will guide your progress through the four main stages of recovery.

We can also help. Inspire Change Wellness Center offers first-class drug rehab treatments for residents in Vancouver. Call us to discuss what our addiction rehab programs look like.

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