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Welcome to Inspire Change Wellness. We offer addiction treatment services and mental health care for those struggling with substance abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, opioid use disorder, and other substance use services. Our addiction recovery program is the gold standard in the industry. We welcome you and your family to our center for men.

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Inspire Change Wellness

The Best Detox and Addiction Program in B.C.

Our addiction recovery program is the gold standard in the industry. We welcome you and your family to our center for men.

Addiction Treatment Rehab for Men

An adults-only, men-only environment allows you to talk openly and freely about your addictions and other mental health struggles or trauma – something that many find difficult in a co-ed setting.

Customized Addiction Treatment Plans

Everyone’s path to addiction is unique. We provide treatment plans that are tailored for each individual’s set of needs, circumstances and challenges.

A Holistic Approach to Substance Abuse Recovery in Vancouver

We do not treat the addiction, we treat the whole person. Our programs are designed to help you heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

Treatment for a Variety of Addictions

We help with a range of addictions from alcohol and marijuana to meth and club party drugs. We have the compassion and qualifications to help those with addictions to multiple substances.

A Tailored Approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Inspire Change Wellness Rehab Vancouver, we recognize and embrace the fact that everyone’s addiction issues and recovery are different. Your path to addiction is not the same any anybody else’s, and we do not expect you to follow the same path to recovery.

We develop an addiction treatment program that is tailor-made for you. Our unique treatment centers offer recovery services that are unique for your needs, including detox, group therapy, trauma counselling, health care services, and ongoing support and aftercare.

We recognize the importance of treatment programs that include participation from loved ones and families and welcome input as we develop a program that fits your life, challenges, unique circumstances, and goals.

Addiction recovery is a beautiful but difficult path and we are here to walk beside you every step of the way.

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Addiction Treatment Programs We Offer

Substance Use Services and Addiction Treatment in Vancouver, Canada

To learn more about our addiction treatments, call or contact us online today.

Why Choose Inspire Change Wellness Recovery Services

Our clients and their families choose our treatment services and programs because we offer one of the most comprehensive addiction recovery services in British Columbia, with amenities most other treatment programs do not.

  1. Our treatment center is equipped with ultra-comfortable accommodations, with deluxe features, and common areas that could be found in celebrity homes.
  2. Gourmet meals cooked by our in-house chef offer whole-health options to replenish your body’s essential nutrients.
  3. Our Yoga Center offers opportunities to participate in proven physical and mental approaches for building coordination, balance, stamina, flexibility, strength, and other elements of fitness.
  4. We offer comprehensive mental health and trauma counselling so people in our programs are fully cared for and step back into the world with the best possible chance for success.
  5. A holistic approach to treatments means we offer whole-body care, from mental health treatment to nutritional programs, and teaching self-care through massage and yoga, you experience an exceptional range of health care services at Inspire Change.
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Our Treatment Center Staff

Compassionate doctors and qualified staff are a hallmark of our addiction treatment services. Compassion comes from the heart of our team. Everyone you encounter at Inspire Change is rooting for your health. While compassionate care is exceptionally important to us, no people recover from substance abuse without doctors and health care service workers with the necessary qualifications.

At Inspire Change Wellness we have the most compassionate addiction physicians in substance abuse and addiction treatment with high-level master’s degree therapists on staff. Many of our team members have earned their doctorates in Psychology. We also employ master’s degree level therapists with MA in Counselling Psychology and an MS in Philosophy of Mental Disorders to ensure all our clients’ mental health is properly assessed and treated.

Past trauma and family struggles often play a role in addiction struggles. Our doctors recognize this important link and create treatment options that help adults receive care and education for managing these difficult situations beyond treatment and recovery.

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The Tools We Use in Our Rehab Programs



We help replenishment your body, which may have been neglected during the period of addiction.

physical activities

Physical Activity

We help you regain strength and improve the functioning of your heart, lungs and other organs.

individual and group therapy

Individual And Group Therapy

We offer a safe environment where you can delve into issues that are stumbling blocks.

community activities

Community Activities

We are a people-centric facility and offer many community opportunities to build self-esteem while gaining the life skills to cope with your triggers in a positive, non-destructive way.

Ongoing Wellness and Aftercare

It cannot be understated – life beyond alcohol and drug addiction programming is difficult. As clients take the important step back into life, we offer the most comprehensive aftercare program in Canada. Our clients are not alone, and treatment doesn’t end at detox. Individuals in our care experience addiction treatment for as long as it is necessary. Loved ones and family can feel confident that we are here to support you well beyond your on-site treatment.

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What Does Rehab Cost?

Rehabilitation costs vary based on the type of program and length of stay that is needed. At Inspire Change Wellness, we create each addiction treatment plan specifically for our clients. Whether you require alcohol detox, opioid agonist treatment, prescription drug addiction detox or treatment, trauma counselling, drug addiction treatment, or other substance abuse treatment will determine the cost of your care. For this reason, we want to speak directly to you or your family to discuss the cost of your treatment. Please contact us today for a no-obligation, compassionate discussion.

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