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Cocaine is one of the most addictive substances because of the rush of euphoria that it produces. It is also one of the most dangerous, for several reasons including the following:

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cocaine addiction

It increases the risk of heart disease and respiratory ailments
It can lead to irrational, violent behaviour
Women who use cocaine during pregnancy can give birth to cocaine-addicted babies
Use of cocaine is often accompanied by intense mood swings, which increases the risk of suicide
Street cocaine is often blended with other poisonous or harmful substances, leading to unpredictable medical reactions
People who use cocaine tend to develop a physical and psychological dependency very quickly, leading to a high risk of withdrawal symptoms that can be harmful in the absence of medical supervision

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What are the signs of cocaine addiction?

Cocaine addiction affects both the body and the mind. As the dependency grows, the individual becomes increasingly consumed with getting more. This can affect all aspects of life, such as relationships, work or school, and finances. The signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction include the following:

Financial problems that get progressively worse as the individual uses money allocated for living expenses to fuel the addiction
Irritability that can escalate into physical and verbal aggression
Mood swings, depression and anxiety
A dry mouth and intense thirst
Dilated pupils
Rapid breathing
Nausea and vomiting
Irrational behaviour that can be frightening to family and friends

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Can I quit cocaine by myself?

People frequently want to know how to quit cocaine. The truth is that giving up cocaine without help is extremely difficult, for a number of reasons. The sense of wellbeing that it produces makes it highly addictive. People who use cocaine regularly often feel a sense of confidence that is otherwise absent. In many cases, they feel that they are not able to function effectively without it, especially in social situations. They see their use of cocaine as a benefit rather than a problem.

As the addiction grows, though, the you will find that you have to take it in increases amounts, with increasing frequencies, in order to achieve the desired effects. You may start to feel anxious when you don’t have access to the drug, especially when withdrawal symptoms start to set in. The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal can be intense and frightening, not only for the addict, but for anyone who is watching. The symptoms, which vary from person to person, range from being merely uncomfortable to downright dangerous. They include the following:

Extreme mood swings, shifting from euphoria to deep depression within seconds
Fear, suspicion and paranoia
Vivid dreams and nightmares
Fatigue and slowing of activity
Suicidal thoughts
Intense cravings

These withdrawal symptoms often produce feelings of worthlessness that the addict believes can only be relieved with more cocaine. This makes the risk of relapse very high. Users have far better chance of successfully quitting cocaine if they undergo medically supervised detox followed by a program of a inpatient rehab center in Vancouver.

For more information about how to get the help you need to recover from your addiction, contact us today. We offer cocaine addiction treatment in Vancouver for men from all walks of life who are in search of a safe, supportive environment.