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We want all of our clients to be as comfortable as possible during their time with us. Our rehab facility is going to be your home away from home for a few weeks, and with a bit of preparation, you can pack the things you will need to make your stay productive and enjoyable. The things you should bring with you include the following:

Your birth certificate, health card and drug plan benefit card
Telephone number of important contacts, such as close family members and your doctor
A list of medical conditions or concerns that might affect your recovery
Prescription medications with sufficient refills to last for the duration of your stay
Enough seasonally appropriate clothing to last for at least a week
Personal hygiene products such as toothpaste and shampoo
A coat, hat and gloves during the winter; a light jacket during other times of the year
Clothing and shoes suitable for physical activity and relaxation
Personal recreation items, such as books, puzzles and art supplies
Things to remind you of home, such as family photos and mementos

There are some things that we do not allow our clients to bring. This is for the safety of our residents, and to facilitate the recovery process. These items should not be brought:

Outside food and drink
Products containing alcohol or drugs, with the exception of prescription medication
Weapons and items that can be used as weapons
Gambling-related items, like dice, poker chips and playing cards
Lighters and matches
Valuable items, such as expensive jewellery

Please call us for any questions about what you may bring.