Drug Law in Canada 

Nov 19

Drug Law in Canada  These days, drugs come in great abundance and they can be found almost everywhere. There are over-the counter (OTC) drugs that can be purchased and taken without a doctor’s prescription. Other types of drugs can never be taken out from the pharmacy unless prescribed by a licensed physician. The number of drugs is definitely overwhelming and taking the time to familiarize the different classifications of drugs should be highly considered

drug rehab facility in Vancouver

The Essential Benefits and Advantages of a Drug Rehab Facility: A Person’s Unique Road to Full Recovery in Vancouver

Nov 12

Addiction is a social problem that comes in many different forms. We want to demonstrate the essential benefits and advantages of a drug rehab facility via one person’s unique road to full recovery in Vancouver. For example, there are more addict men than women; a younger age group tends to have experienced drug or substance abuse than any other age group; and people of Canada have been known to drink more than

Stop Drinking

What Happens to Your Body When You Quit and Stop Drinking?

Nov 07

Stop Drinking

When you stop drinking and go back to a healthy and alcohol-free lifestyle, there are various changes that you will feel in your body. Canada is one of the countries that have been grappling with alcohol addiction and dependence. The initiatives taken to finally put an end or moderation to drinking problem are becoming more and more accessible to Canadians in different provinces and territories. What exactly happens to your body when

men-only drug rehab environment

Canadian Men 62% More Likely To Access Withdrawal Management Services, Reveals 10-Year Long Study

Oct 12

The right way to address addiction requires a continuum of care from harm reduction and withdrawal management through support and self-care, which involves a wide range of services and treatment pathways. At the very beginning of this drug rehab journey, people suffering from substance use disorders go through the withdrawal and detoxification stages. Little was known about the intricate details of this before 2018 when one of the longest and largest studies uncovered

Addiction Detox

Everything There is To Know About Addiction Detox

Sep 17

An estimated quarter of a billion people around the world which is the equivalent of 5% of the global adult population, used drugs at least once in 2015. Over 29 million are today addicted to some sort of substance. The burden is immense and it has implications at an individual level, as well as for countries and overall global health. Detox or rehabilitation treatment is complex which is why clinicians have created something called the

Things to avoid during recovery

The Way Forward: Personalizing Approaches to Tackle Canada’s Alcohol Problems

Aug 14

Alcohol has been manufactured, consumed and many times abused by people all over the world since pre-historic times. So why is it now a greater issue than it was before? There are a number of factors that played a role in this. To begin with, alcohol consumption has been normalized up to a point where very few people perceive it to be a drug. Following years and years of media exposure and societal embrace of