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Club party drugs Addiction Treatment

Club party drugs are substances that are typically used in social settings, such as nightclubs and parties. The most well-known example is Ecstasy, which during the 1980’s became the drug of choice at all-night dance parties, or “raves”. Vancouver drug treatment center is require to get recovery.

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Most club party drugs are stimulants designed to enhance the user’s energy levels and alertness. However, some are sedatives that are sometimes used for sinister purposes. GHB, commonly referred to as a “date rape drug”, is reportedly slipped into people’s drinks without their knowledge to prevent them from resisting sexual assault.

Club party drug addiction is widely regarded as a problem affecting young people, but there is no age limit. It is a growing problem among a wide range of users.

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How harmful are club party drugs?

There is a widely held belief that club party drugs are safe, but they can be extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons that include the following:

They are frequently used in conjunction with alcohol and other drugs, with unpredictable and potentially fatal results.
Some club party drugs, such as Ecstacy, raise the body temperature and heart rate. This can lead to cardiac arrest especially when combined with high-energy activities like dancing.
Most club party drugs are chemically manufactured. Safety standards are not followed, and the composition of the drugs varies. Users frequently don’t know exactly what they are taking.
Meny of these drugs cause a surge in serotonin, even when taken in small amounts. This changes the brain chemistry, leading to long-term impairments in memory and cognitive functioning.

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How can I get help?

Getting help for club party drug addiction can literally be a matter of life or death. The unpredictable nature of these drugs means that they can be fatal, even when taken in small amounts. The risks and effects increase with usage: it is important to seek help as quickly as possible.

Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Men is a facility that provides club party drug addiction treatment in Vancouver. In an inpatient rehab setting, we will help you resolve the issues that lie beneath your addiction, so that you can enjoy a positive and productive life. Your rehab program will be customized just for you, with consideration for your unique situation and challenges.

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Our treatment methods incorporate many elements, including the following:

Group therapy, in which you can support and be supported by men who have faced challenges similar to yours
Individual therapy, providing you with a confidential setting in which to talk about sensitive issues
Nutritional guidance, so that your body can heal from the damage done to it during the period of substance abuse
Physical fitness and yoga, which will recondition your body and get it back to a state of optimal health
Social and community activities, to encourage teamwork and the development of life skills
Education sessions, so that you can learn more about addiction and the steps you can take to recover and avoid relapse

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