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What is Meth addiction?

Methamphetamines are a class of stimulants that were originally intended to treat certain conditions, such as ADHD and obesity. Medical use of these drugs is banned in most countries due to their addictive potential and harmful side effects.

People who develop meth addictions are attracted to the rush of euphoria that they experience within seconds of taking the drug. This sense of well-being is accompanied by alertness and confidence, making the user feel that they can take on the world.

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These effects make meth extremely addictive. Addictions to most drugs tend to build up over a period of time, but meth addictions can form immediately, after just one use. Like many other drugs, the user has to progressively increase the dosage and frequency of use in order to achieve the desired effects.

Meth and crystal meth are essentially the same. Their chemical composition is the same, and they affect people in similar ways. The difference is that while meth comes in powder or tablet form, crystal meth looks like tiny fragments of glass. Meth and crystal meth addiction have the same effects and dangers.

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Why is meth addiction so dangerous?

Not only is meth extremely addictive, it is extremely harmful, and one of the most difficult addictions to treat. The dangers of meth or crystal meth include the following:

Meth is produced in illegal laboratories that do not follow hygiene standards. The composition of the drug varies: sometimes it contains poisonous substances.
Meth is a powerful stimulant that is designed to speed up the metabolism. This leads to elevated blood pressure, high body temperatures and a faster heart rate. Users are at risk of stroke, cardiac arrest and seizures.
Accidental overdose can happen easily, and with fatal results.
The use of meth during pregnancy can result in stillbirth or premature delivery.
The use of meth often leads to hallucinations, paranoid delusions and violent outbursts.
Long-term use can lead to brain damage that includes an impaired memory and increasing difficulty with abstract concepts. Even after recovery, users can experience memory gaps and mood swings.

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What are the withdrawal symptoms?

The withdrawal symptoms of meth are uncomfortable and painful, and often frightening. Meth addiction is one of the most difficult to overcome because users feel driven to take the drug not for its effects, but as a desperate escape from the withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms include the following:

Fatigue and insomnia
Hallucinations and paranoia
Depression, anxiety and agitation
Itchy eyes and skin
Suicidal thoughts

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How can I get help for meth addiction?

If you or a loved one has a meth addiction, the first step is to undergo detox. Because of the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, this should be done with medical supervision. Contact your doctor or hospital for help.

When detox is complete, you are advised to enter an inpatient meth addiction treatment program. Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Men will provide you with a safe environment that is free from judgment, where you can recover from your addiction in the company of men who understand first-hand what you are going through.

We provide customized meth addiction treatment in Vancouver that will help you resolve the issues behind your addiction, repair your relationships with loved ones, and learn the skills needed to withstand the stresses of life in a drug-free way.

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