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The benefits of a men only addiction treatment centre

At Inspire Change Drug Rehab Centre in Vancouver, we provide a safe and supportive environment for men in need of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. While some people are able to successfully undergo treatment in a co-ed setting, many men find it easier to open up about their underlying issues in a men only environment. The benefits of a men only addiction treatment centre include the following:

Men often feel under pressure to be strong. When they are in the presence only of other men, they are more likely to let down their guard and get in touch with their emotions during group therapy sessions and other group activities.
Men and women who are undergoing addiction treatment are in a position of vulnerability. When they are in the same environment, they often seek comfort in one another, resulting in romantic attachments at a time when the focus should be on recovery.
Since the dawn of humanity, men have been under intense social pressure to be the providers in their families. Those who have let their responsibilities go as a result of their addiction may feel a deep sense of shame and guilt. Resolving these feelings can be more effectively accomplished in an environment with men who understand.
Men and women each have their sets of gender-specific issues that need to be addressed during recovery. In a mens-only environment, clients can focus on the issue that relate to them.

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