The Most Important Truth about Alcohol Abuse That Will Make You a Victim

Alcohol abuse is a national priority in Canada according to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse as it ranks second to tobacco as the most abused substance in the country.  There is a case of overconsumption of alcohol in the very fibers of society which prompted the development of the National Alcohol Strategy as a way of addressing problematic alcohol consumption. The abuse of alcohol is one of the top culprits that trigger and worsen chronic health conditions including cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and other fatal diseases.

Alcohol Abuse and its Impact in Canada

Based on a statistical datum released by the CCSA, the economic cost of harm in relation to alcohol abuse across Canada has already reached a total of $24.6 billion per year. Up to $7.1 billion is attributed to lost productivity due to premature death and illness while $3.3 billion is for direct health care costs. These figures are just a few of the drastic effects of alcoholism in the society that is now being addressed through various efforts from both private and government entities.

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The Ugly Impact of Abusing Alcohol

There are various aspects that are affected and destroyed because of alcohol abuse and it goes beyond the personal and health aspects of the abuser. Alcohol overconsumption has a negative impact on your speech, concentration, coordination, balance, judgment, and overall wellbeing. The different factors that affect a person due to substance abuse include his age and gender, the amount of alcohol consumed, body size, mood, and the medications that you take which interact with alcohol.

The short-term impact of alcoholism on the body include reduced inhibition, blackouts, irregular heartbeat, respiratory depression, decreased reaction times, slurred speech, drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of coordination skills. The person may also experience memory loss and confusion, the inability to make sound decisions or think and judge clearly, violence, and suicide.

Permanent Effects of Alcoholism

The long-term effects of abusing alcohol have a more drastic impact on the person and his overall health as it targets important bodily functions and organs. Alcohol abuse for a longer period of time may result in brain damage, addiction, cancer, cardiovascular risks, suicide, and the higher risk of high blood pressure and suicide. On top of its impact on your physiological state, long-term alcohol overconsumption also leads to personal, professional, and financial problems, even legal implications such as in the case of Driving under the Influence of alcohol.

Responsible Drinking Saves Lives

There is a strong advocacy for responsible drinking and how it can save both the lives of the users and the people around them. Limiting the amount of alcohol you consume has an immediate effect as it reduces the risks of injury and accidents. The most common and important reminder of all is not to drink and drive.

Alcohol abuse is a long-standing issue in Canada and anywhere in the world. There are numerous efforts that have already been taken and still a lot of the way to ensure the management and elimination of this problem once and for all. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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