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drug rehab

How to Send Someone To Drug Rehab

More than 6 million people in Canada today could benefit from substance abuse rehabilitation services. Unfortunately, over half of those people haven’t sought expert health assistance. This issue is typically attributable to a lack of belief that they have any serious medical condition that may

inpatient drug rehab

How Long is Inpatient Drug Rehab in Canada?

Rehabilitation can be an arduous journey during recovery. However, inpatient drug rehab can make the process less tedious. You may decide to undergo rehabilitation on your own, but this is easier said than done. Self-rehabilitation can be extremely difficult due to triggers and enablers around

alcohol recovery

Alcohol Recovery Treatment & Ideas 2022

Alcohol addiction is an agelong problem that can affect anyone regardless of age, race, or social standing. If you think otherwise, ask the several historical figures who struggled with alcohol addiction in their lifetime. Most notably, influential individuals such as Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, and

Drug Rehab Cost in British Columbia

Drug Rehab Cost in British Columbia

So, how much does drug rehab cost in British Columbia? That’s the first question everyone asks us when they want to sign up for drug addiction treatment in BC. But hey! Why are you jumping the gun? Do you even understand what drug dependence rehabilitation


How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost in Vancouver?

The cost of drug addiction rehab in Vancouver will vary depending on your needs, urgency and budget. However, the cost of substance abuse can take lives. Treatment and recovery are necessary steps toward sobriety and a healthier lifestyle for anyone suffering from addiction. The recovery