Drug Rehab Cost in British Columbia

So, how much does drug rehab cost in British Columbia? That’s the first question everyone asks us when they want to sign up for drug addiction treatment in BC. But hey! Why are you jumping the gun?

Do you even understand what drug dependence rehabilitation entails? Yes, the fundamentals or the end goal may be the same, but rehab can constitute different things for different people. That also applies to the cost of your addiction and treatment.

For instance, rehab may mean support groups and therapy sessions to you. But, then, it may signify heavy medication and halfway houses to another. Nonetheless, the goal is usually the same — to help you get free from your addiction or bad habits.

But, then again, the cost of drug addiction treatment in BC has become a frequently asked question. Hence it’s the primary consideration in this post.

So, we’ll be exhaustively discussing the cost of drug rehab in British Columbia. We’ll consider all the factors that determine the cost of drug addiction treatment. We’ll also try to answer all the possible questions you may have regarding the pricing of drug rehab in BC.

So, let’s get into it and discuss all you need to know about drug rehab program costs in BC.

What is Rehab, and What Does It Entail?

Permit us to digress before getting deeply into the cost of drug addiction treatment in BC. First off, let’s congratulate you on making the tough decision to get help. It’s never easy to come to terms with your drug addiction and decide to get help. Several addicts never break out of their shells due to fear of people judging them. So, they keep battling with their demons until they eventually cause irreparable damage.

You’ve suppressed your ego and admitted your vulnerability. You’re strong, and nothing can discourage you, not even the cost of drug addiction treatment. Let’s not be presumptuous and assume you’re reading this for yourself. If you’re looking to find help for someone else, we commend your willingness to help. You’re a Hero.

That said, drug rehabilitation is a procedure for helping individuals who have a substance dependence disorder overcome their addiction. It may involve either medical or psychotherapeutic treatments or a combination of both. And, of course, this drug addiction treatment comes at a cost, but it’ll eventually be worth it.

Your drug addiction rehab process may involve a variety of treatment options depending on the practices of the clinic taking care of you. But generally, you should first undergo a detox procedure. Detoxification will help your body get rid of the remnants of the drugs in its system. The actual recovery starts after the detox as your body learns to function without the narcotics. So what’s the cost of these drug addiction procedures? We’ll get there shortly.

Drug Addiction Problem in British Columbia

Several people are battling growing addiction problems in BC. But fortunately, the rate of addiction recovery in the region is quite encouraging. Statistics indicate that about 75% of adults can get free of their addiction. However, it’s worth noting that the recovery sometimes takes multiple attempts. Nonetheless, the most important thing is that they all bore the cost of drug addiction treatment and made a complete recovery.


How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost In BC?

It’s hard to pin down the cost of drug addiction rehab in British Columbia. That’s because there are numerous treatment facilities with different methods of treatment. Some provide bare-bones outpatient programs where addicts only need to hold appointments with therapists a few times a week. Other programs may be inpatient centres that require their patients to remain in the facility for the treatment period.

Then again, some inpatient centres are luxury facilities that specifically cater to high-end customers. So, the average cost of drug addiction treatment in BC can range between $1,000 and $20,000. The price variation is dependent mainly on some or all the factors we’ll discuss below.

Ownership of the Rehab Centre

The factor with the most significant influence on the average price of drug rehab in British Columbia is the management of the treatment centre. There are two categories of rehab facilities in BC.

The first category includes government-owned clinics, while the second category contains private-owned care providers. These two groups have varying fees they charge as the cost of addiction treatment. Let’s look at a breakdown of what each category offers.

Privately-Owned Rehabilitation centres

As you can already guess from the tag, drug rehabilitation centres in these categories are owned and managed by private individuals. Of course, a group of people can also come together to create such an organization.

However, it’ll still be ‘privately owned’ as long as the government doesn’t have any part of the ownership or administration. And expectedly, the cost of drug addiction treatments in these facilities is usually on the high side.

More often than not, privately owned rehab centres have profit-making and excellence as their driving force. They often record a higher success rate compared to clinics managed by the government. Consequently, their offerings attract a high cost for drug addiction rehab in British Columbia. However, they ensure you get impeccable service in return for your money.

Furthermore, private centres provide diverse forms of treatment to ensure patients make complete recoveries. They often personalize the care regimes to each client’s specific needs and requirements. As a result, their treatments are more effective than the one-size-fits-all approach that government facilities employ. Needless to say, this also contributes significantly to the cost of drug addiction treatment provided in these facilities.

Nonetheless, the amenities and cost of drug addiction treatment differ even among privately-owned rehab centres. But, they all still often manage to provide better convenience, comfort, and services to their patients. Then again, you want to do adequate research into their drug rehab program cost before you sign up at any facility.

Government Funded Rehab Centres

Government-funded rehabilitation centres are primarily for people who can’t afford the cost of their drug addiction treatment. They are for people who need help overcoming their substance dependency but can’t fork up the price of drug rehab in British Columbia. These facilities provide care, medication, and therapy free of charge to British Columbia residents.

However, there are often limitations to the government’s funding for these facilities. As a result, they’re often unable to provide the patients with the highest level of care. They typically lack equipment and the latest technologies. So, they can’t give addicts the highest level of treatment possible. And since most of their clients can’t pay the cost of drug addiction treatment, they have no other funding source.

Furthermore, government facilities typically offer shorter and less comprehensive treatment regimes. This reality is not advantageous for the patients who can easily slip right back into their addictions after undergoing a half-baked recovery program. But, sadly, there’s very little they can do about it due to limited funding, and the cost of drug addiction rehab in British Columbia doesn’t help matters.

Of course, we have to commend the efforts of addiction centres in this category. Their primary means of funding are government allocations. But, ultimately, they’re providing an essential service to the public.

And while it may not be as effective as what you’ll get from a private company, it’s still a respectable level of support. Plus, you won’t even have to pay for the cost of drug addiction treatment with them.

Type of Treatment

The treatment type is the second factor with the most significant influence on how much drug rehab costs in BC. Most rehabilitation centres offer several options to patients. The popular care alternative includes; inpatient, outpatient, and even online addiction rehab options. Needless to say, the different recovery packages all affect the cost of drug addiction treatment in different ways. Let’s look at each of the various rehab options you can sign up for.


Inpatient Treatment Programme

Inpatient patient treatments are just what they sound like. Addicts who opt for these care packages will have to stay at the rehab facility for a specific period. More often than not, they’ll spend their entire detox and recovery period at the facility.

So you’ll be stuck in the care centre for a while. And, you may have to pay all the attached costs of drug addiction treatment.

Physicians typically recommend inpatient treatment for addicts who have a hard time recovering from the addiction. The therapists will advise you to go for inpatient treatment if you have had unsuccessful attempts at overcoming your dependency.

One of the guiding principles behind the inpatient treatment option is denial. By keeping you in the facility, the caregivers will cut you off from the substance and everything that may tempt you to take the drugs. They effectively protect you from temptations and disallow you from continuing to indulge in your drug addictions at the cost of your freedom in the meantime.

Inpatient treatments often have varying durations depending on your dependence on the substance. There are both short and long-term treatment lengths. The average short-term treatment ranges from a week to a month. On the other hand, long-term treatments can last as long as 60 to 90 days. Imagine paying the cost of drug addiction treatment for 90 days? That’ll be a lot of money.

That said, the cost of the inpatient rehab in BC will be proportional to the number of days you’ll be spending at the facility. For example, the cost of inpatient rehab in BC can be as low as $6,000 for 30 days.

On the other hand, some high-end luxurious care centres may charge as much as $100,000. Such expensive treatment facilities are often patronized by celebrities who need help. Such people won’t mind paying high for the cost of their drug addiction treatment.

The more common range for most rehab centres is between $10,000 and $20,000 per month. This price range covers the cost of drug addiction treatment, lodging, medication, and in some cases, feeding.

Below is a breakdown of the different inpatient drug rehab options and the associated cost in BC.

  • Basic 30 days program – price range of $6,000 to $7,500
  • Standard 30 day program – orange of $6,000 to $20,000
  • Luxury 30 day program- $30,000 tp $100,000
  • Standard 60 days program – $24,000 to $45,000
  • Standard 90 days program – $45,000 to $60,000
Perks of Receiving Treatment At an Ultra-Luxury Rehabilitation Facility

Ultra-luxury facilities tend to do things a little bit differently compared to standard inpatient rehab centres. Expectedly, they provide top-class care for their patients using world-class equipment and practices. That’s not surprising considering the huge amount they charge their clients as the cost of drug addiction treatment.

Some of the perks you may enjoy at a luxury treatment facility include:

  • Fancy private accommodation with access to some exquisite amenities and suites
  • Top class gourmet meals and diet plans
  • 24 hours access to highly skilled therapists, staff, and medical facility
  • Round the clock monitoring, supervision, and support
  • Exclusive support groups and daily counselling
  • Comprehensive therapy sessions
  • Alternative holistic treatments such as music therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, resort living, equine therapy etc
  • State of the art, well-equipped recreational centres, including gyms, pools and sports grounds
Perks of receiving Treatment At Standard Rehabilitation Centres

Standard rehab centres don’t charge half as much as luxury centres monthly. However, they still offer a respectable level of service and care to their patients. Standard rehab facilities often provide the following services based on the amounts they charge as the cost of drug addiction treatment:

  • Access to standard medical facilities, therapists and medical staff
  • Standard treatment and supervision
  • Regular counselling and therapy sessions
  • Shared accommodation
  • Group bonding activities with other patients
  • Standard meals

Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient programs involve treatment plans that don’t require the patient to stay at the clinic for the treatment period. The therapists don’t have to keep the client around for monitoring and supervision.

Usually, drug addiction recovery experts recommend this type of treatment for people whose addictions have not rendered them incapable of functioning in society. Needless to say, this drug addiction treatment option costs less than inpatient packages.

Therapists primarily design outpatient plans to cater to moderate to mild drug addiction cases. To be eligible for this option, you must be at a level where you don’t need round-the-clock supervision to manage your addiction. And, you must be able to withstand the triggers of your drug addiction irrespective of the cost.

Then again, the outpatient treatment option is perfect for you if you can’t afford to leave your daily life behind while getting help for your drug addiction. Fortunately, the cost of this drug addiction rehab option in British Columbia makes it easier. So, you can go for treatment and counselling on an appointment basis instead of staying at the facility for a significant amount of time.

The cost of outpatient drug addiction rehab varies from facility to facility in British Columbia. Also, there are service sub-types you may subscribe to when opting for the outpatient package. All these elements will determine how much you’ll pay for the addiction treatment. The following are some of the different outpatient rehabs types and their average cost range.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

PHP requires patients to visit the rehab facility and spend four to six hours at least three times a week. During the period you’ll be at the clinic, you’ll participate in peer support group activities and undergo medical detox treatments.

Then, you can return home towards the end of the day to retire and be with your family. This option cuts down the cost of drug addiction treatment significantly while giving you nearly the same advantage as an inpatient program.

The cost of the partial hospitalization drug addiction program typically ranges from $350 to $450 per day and may last for a couple of months. Generally, the service allows patients full access to the hospital facility and other inpatient treatment perks for four to six hours per day. Therapy groups and individual counselling are also part of the benefits.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program is very similar to the PHP. However, the difference is the IOP allows you to continue your normal daily activities while undergoing treatment on a scheduled basis. On the other hand, PHP only allows you to go home to retire after each day of treatment. In addition, with PHP, you can’t go to work or school while receiving treatment. It’s like a more lenient version of the inpatient drug rehab treatment in British Columbia, but at a cheaper cost.

Therapists generally recommend the IOP as a phase to help addicts transition back into everyday life. This treatment package aims to ease you back into the regular lifestyle after being at an inpatient facility. During these programs, you’ll spend more time with family and do other productive activities while undergoing regular addiction treatment. And at this point, you can expect the cost of drug addiction treatment to have reduced significantly.

Generally, this treatment option will give you access to the following care regimes.

  • A minimum of three counselling sessions per week lasting for two to four hours
  • Holistic treatments such as group therapies, yoga, exercises, mental counselling, and relapse prevention
  • Crisis coverage
  • Community support groups
  • Family therapies

The cost of an intensive outpatient drug rehab program in British Columbia generally ranges between $3000 to $10,000 for the treatment duration.

Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions are for individuals with a very mild drug abuse disorder. Usually, substance abuse may result from a traumatic experience or something similar. In such cases, addressing the trigger for drug use is often sufficient to eliminate the addiction. So therapies serve as the low-cost solution to take care of these types of drug addiction.

While undergoing this treatment, you’ll need to visit the therapist three to seven times a week. In addition, you’ll have one-to-two hours to chat with the group or in individual counselling sessions during the period. Therapy treatments are mostly people talking things out, so get ready to pour out your deepest secrets to strangers. And this drug addiction care option will cost you only a few dollars.

That said, therapists typically charge between $20 to $350 per day for counselling sessions. But your overall weekly cost of outpatient drug addiction treatment may not go beyond $500. You may also meet therapists and other caregivers during this treatment experience. The therapists will recommend medications to help manage your withdrawal symptoms and improve your overall health.

Overall, outpatient treatment options are way less expensive compared to inpatient treatment. Some may argue they’re not as effective. But it ultimately depends on the patient’s willpower to get clean and stop paying the cost of drug addiction.

Virtual Rehabilitation Programs

Virtual rehabilitation programs are a form of an outpatient addiction treatment plan which only requires the patient to attend online consultations. The virtual addiction treatment allows clients to commit to drug addiction rehabilitation from the comfort and convenience of their homes. You don’t need to go anywhere to take a virtual rehabilitation session. All you need is internet access and a therapist chatting with you remotely. Fortunately, the cost of this drug addiction is also relatively affordable.

Typically for a VR program, the therapist will design a personal treatment plan that you’ll follow without strict supervision. They’ll also give you strategies to help you deal with your drug dependence. Lastly, they’ll help you acquire skills that’ll aid you in living a drug-free life. But, of course, all these individualized drug addiction treatment plans will come at a high cost.

The virtual rehabilitation program is not very common in British Columbia. Only a handful of addiction clinics offer this service. As such, it’s challenging to ascertain how much this drug addiction rehab option costs in BC. You’ll need to see service providers to get an accurate service fee quotation.

Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is usually the first treatment regime addicts undergo during rehab. The process involves allowing your body to get rid of the remnants of the drugs in its system. You’ll stay entirely off the substances during this process unless your caregivers advise otherwise. Total abstinence will give your body the space it requires to evict the foreign materials and start healing. However, this stage is where the cost of your drug addiction rehab in BC will be most evident.

The detoxification period usually takes between 3 to 14 days. On a few occasions, it might take more than that. The detox process is your body flushing out the drugs you’ve riddled it with. So, the duration of the cleansing will depend primarily on your level of addiction. Again, this period is where you’ll experience some of the painful costs of your drug addiction in the form of withdrawal symptoms.

Speaking of withdrawal symptoms, they’re what some people may call side effects of detoxification. These are undesirable physiological and psychological experiences that occur when you try to quit an addictive substance. These symptoms come in different forms, and they generally make the detox period highly uncomfortable for you. That’s why we call them the costs of your drug addiction.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Headache and physical pain
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Irregular appetite and many more.

The cost of drug detox and addiction rehab in British Columbia depends on some factors. Primarily, the cost of the overall addiction treatment will depend on the treatment facility. However, a few other factors such as addiction severity, the type of medication you’ll need and treatment for underlying medical conditions may increase the price tag. For instance, a pregnant addict undergoing treatment may have to pay for prenatal services if provided at the care centre.

Government-funded care centres often charge little to nothing at all. Nonetheless, the average cost of drug addiction detox in British Columbia should range between $1000 and $1500 in regular private clinics. You can expect the price to be more in luxury treatment facilities. And in such places, you may have to pay upwards of $10,000 for detox.

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Other Factors That Influence Drug Rehab Cost in British Columbia

The factors discussed above are the primary points that significantly influence how much you’ll pay for drug rehab in BC. However, some less discussed constituents may also affect the overall price of drug rehab in British Columbia, albeit with lesser impact. They may include;

Amenities and Resources Available at the Treatment Facilities

We’ve hinted at this point many times earlier in this post, predominantly while discussing private care centres. However, it affects all treatment facilities, private or government-owned. While government-owned facilities typically don’t charge patients for the cost of drug addiction rehab, some do under certain conditions.

Generally, the funding the government provides for these facilities is not enough. So, to ensure quality service delivery, the management of these centres may ask you to pay some money to take care of some of the added costs of drug addiction treatment.

All private clinics will charge you for access to their services, amenities, and resources. However, the level and quality of amenities available vary between clinics. Needless to say, the better the resources available at a drug addiction rehab centre, the higher their fees will cost.

The level of amenities is the primary reason many luxury centres cost more than average standard clinics. You’ll have to pay for access to the jacuzzi, beautiful view, private room, and other perks you may enjoy at a high-end facility. All these advantages factor into the overall cost of your drug addiction rehab. But then again, all these perks usually positively impact the treatment’s success rate.

Skill and Educational Level of Staff

Generally, clinics with more experienced staff usually record a higher success rate. So, they tend to have more positive reviews, which translates to more clients. More clients mean they get to decide what they want to charge as the cost of your drug addiction treatment.

Rehabilitation centres should hire registered therapists, psychologists, physicians, and addiction counsellors to experience a high success rate. They shouldn’t make one therapist do the jobs of several specialists. While this may help clients save on the cost of drug addiction treatment, it doesn’t help their recovery chances.

The skill level of the staff will also determine the level, volume and quality of service they can offer. For example, a centre may offer group therapy sessions because they don’t have someone with the necessary skill to handle one-on-one counselling with clients. Or, it may be the other way round. Typically, the cost of drug addiction treatment in such facilities is lesser due to the lack of auxiliary treatment offerings.

Length of Treatment

The total duration of your drug addiction rehab can also significantly determine how much it will cost you in BC. Unfortunately, the rehab duration is a factor that people tend to gloss over while pondering the cost of drug rehab. However, it’s a point worthy of a proper discussion.

Needless to say, the longer your drug addiction treatment duration, the more it’ll cost. Typically, the therapists charge on a per hour basis for counselling sessions.

However, if you’re undergoing an intensive care regime, you’ll pay based on an estimate of the total hourly cost for the entire duration of your treatment.

So, if your treatment only lasts for 30 days, it may limit the cost to a reasonable amount. However, if your rehabilitation is a long-term process, say about 90 days, you should prepare to pay a lot of money for drug rehab treatment in BC. Nonetheless, the cost will be worth your complete recovery from your drug addiction.

Aftercare and Follow-up Treatment

Most care facilities in British Columbia provide after-care and follow-up support for former addicts. This provision ensures the recovered patients never experience a relapse or fall back into their destructive habits. Needless to say, these services don’t come free of charge. So, in most cases, the facilities factor it together with the overall cost of the drug addiction treatment.

Some facilities offer these services as optional treatments. We’ll advise you to opt for it. It’s better to pay a fee than to incur your drug addiction.

Payment Options For the Cost of Addiction Rehab in British Columbia

The sheer cost of your drug addiction rehab in British Columbia may seem daunting at first. Even the cost of standard and basic treatment ranges in thousands of dollars. The dollar amounts can be overwhelming and may discourage you from opting for the treatment. Fortunately, there are several pocket-friendly strategies or options you can use to pay for the cost of your rehab.

Insurance Cover

Insurance is the most common payment plan for most people who cannot afford the cost of their drug addiction rehab in British Columbia. Sometimes, even people who can pay for rehab out of their pocket still opt for insurance to cover their fees. So, if you have insurance, you can rest easy as long as your insurance provides coverage for drug addiction treatment.

Below are some of the popular insurance packages that may cover addiction. Note that not all insurance policies provide coverage for the cost of your drug addiction treatment in BC. You’ll need to confirm with your insurer to get an adequate report of everything you can pay for with your claim.

  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Military Insurance
  • State-financed Health Insurance
  • Private Insurance

The Medicaid, military, and state-financed health insurance packages are all under the federal government-subsidized insurance plans. So, we can effectively classify them as public insurance. As a result, they can cover the full or partial cost of your drug addiction rehab, depending on the strength of your insurance package.

On the other hand, private insurance includes all your health plans the government does not subsidize. For example, the insurance plan your employer may have provided for you qualifies as private insurance.

Private insurance packages don’t always cover the cost of drug addiction treatment. Nonetheless, you should check with the insurer to ascertain the coverage of your insurance contract.

Free and Low-Cost Rehabs

Not everyone has insurance, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have access to rehabilitation. If you don’t have or cannot afford insurance, you can always go for government-subsidized rehabs. This way, you can significantly reduce the cost of your drug addiction rehab in British Columbia or altogether avoid paying.

Low-cost rehab centres offer different payment plans to help you afford the treatment. For example, they may provide sliding scale payments, no-interest health loans, income-based payments and even scholarships. On the other hand, free rehabs come with zero fees, i.e. no cost of drug addiction treatment whatsoever. However, you may have to settle for low-quality service.

Paying Out of Pocket

Finally, you can simply pay out of your pocket if you can afford the cost of drug addiction treatment. Paying out of pocket is the most expensive financing option for drug rehab. However, it gives you the freedom to select a drug rehab centre in British Columbia based on your personal preference. You won’t have to settle for government-subsidized clinics or low-quality services if you don’t want to.


Is the Cost of Drug Addiction Rehab in British Columbia Worth It?

According to a report published by the CCSA on the 7th of July, 2020, drug addiction and abuse cost the Canadian society around $456 billion per year. The CCSA extracted the data from a 2017 study. However, CCSA publishing it again in 2020 indicates the numbers are still relevant. The cost relates to value lost to crime, health care and overall productivity.

Drug addiction treatment helps to reduce these costs significantly. In addition, rehabilitation helps cut down the crime rate, health care bills and readapt previous addicts into a productive society again.

Nonetheless, a complete drug rehab program costs a lot in British Columbia, and it’s never easy to splash out on such a considerable amount for treatment. The best approach is to view it as an investment in your health and future.

The cost of your addiction to drugs will keep accumulating over time if you continue down the same path. So imagine how much you spend to get your regular fix. Also, consider how your habits may be damaging your body and the cost to your health.

Medical bills will come as a result of the damage to your health. You may lose your job and get alienated from your family, friends and society. Overall, drug addiction will cost you a lot, not only in monetary terms. Think about the other things it’s destroying in your life; they’re all parts of the price you’re paying for your destructive habits.

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In the End

You’ll realize that the cost of drug addiction rehab in British Columbia is worth it. The amount you pay for drug rehab is the investment that’ll cancel out the future cost of your addiction. It’s better to spend money on your recovery than keep paying for what might eventually destroy you.

But then again, it’s up to you to make the cost worth it. If you resist the treatment, you’ll eventually waste your investment. However, if you embrace the rehab pain and process, you’ll come out sober on the other side, and we’re ready to see to that.

Here at Inspire Change Wellness Centre, we promise to support you every step of the way to your full recovery. Contact us today to discuss cost-effective addiction treatment options today!

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