Scott Jones: This is What Happens When Canadians Work Together Against Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Canada has been grappling with substance abuse and addiction in the previous decades and initiatives are already in motion to put an end to this personal and social dilemma. The Canadian Centre for Addictions is one of the most reliable and reputable treatment facilities that offer rehabilitation programs for substance abuse victims. One of the primary figures in the center is Scott Jones, Director of the Clinical Care BA, ICADC department in the facility.

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Scott Jones and the Road to Addiction Treatment

With more than 2 decades of experience, Scott Jones is an authority in the addiction treatment arena, receiving his ICADC certification and a lot more to add to his credentials. On top of the degrees and accolades and certifications, Scott also brings unparalleled experience on the table. His extensive 6,000-hours training for addiction treatment particularly from GORSKI-CENAPS earned him the certificates in Relapse Prevention Counseling and Denial Management Counseling. He also has 7 years of experience as facilitator of the Relapse Prevention Therapy groups.

Starting His Journey in the Treatment Field

One of the many accomplishments of Scott Jones during his first years in the field is the development and implementation of the drug prevention program that is formulated for at-risk youths in Toronto. He started as a residential treatment addictions counselor at the Toronto Harbour Light Treatment in the year 1991 and continued his dedicated career in the facility for more than 19 years. Some of his duties as addiction treatment counselor include group processing, assessment and intake, individual counseling, recovery educational sessions, and discharge planning. He also became relapse prevention therapist and is in charge of case management.

Higher Calling, Bigger Responsibilities

Scott Jones became a prominent figure in the addiction treatment facility and promoted to the Program Coordinator position. He became Director of the treatment program for residential addiction cases and the Day Treatment program. Other programs under his directives include Transitional Housing, Concurrent Disorder Housing, and the Transitional Housing program. Scott contributed unmatched passionate leadership and experience to the Canadian Centre for Addictions. His treatment philosophy is that clients who are suffering from chemical dependency deserve treatment with respect and dignity and his programs are proof of the focus to the client and their well-being before, during, and after the treatment program.

Canadian Centre for Addictions Mission

Scott Jones is one of the professionals that operate and run the rehab facility with a mission to provide professional, progressive, and caring treatment. The main focus is to provide treatment for individuals that are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and help them begin a new life and a new start.

Scott Jones is one of the initiators of putting an end to alcohol and drug abuse in Canada. His efforts have made significant changes in the lives of the individuals he helped through client-centered treatment programs. He also indirectly touched the lives of the families and loved ones of those substance abuse victims as well as made a huge contribution in the community. Find a treatment facility today for addiction recovery. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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