Important Facts You Need to Know About Marijuana Addiction

Facts About Marijuana Addiction

Did you know that cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis and cannabis indica are widely used around the world due to their intoxicating effects? When these plants are grown for industrial purposes, their THC content is significantly diminished and could not be used by anyone to get high. In Canada, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug and about 44% of the country’s total population say that they have used marijuana at least once in their life.

True or False

Q: Marijuana is an all-natural drug so it can’t be bad for you, true or false?

A: False. There are many natural things around that can be very poisonous like certain plants and snake venom. Smoking marijuana produces smoke that contains toxic chemicals that can be very harmful to the lungs.

Q: All marijuana comes with the same strength, true or false?

A: False. There is indeed a great variation on how strong or powerful marijuana can be.

Q: Many students claim that they drive faster after using marijuana, true or false?

A: True. What many people do not know is that when a person drives while he is high, he will most likely get impaired.

What Does Marijuana Look Like?

Marijuana is a green, grey or brown mixture made from dried and shredded leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the hemp. It is often rolled in paper, making it look similar to a cigarette. In slang words, this is commonly known as joint. On the other hand, hash looks black or dark brown and it usually comes in solid chunks while hash oil looks green or reddish brown.

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Street Names

In Canada, marijuana is otherwise known with the following street names: herb, weed, jay, chronic, bomb, hydro, doobie, joint, pot, reefer, grass, MJ, dope, homegrown, blunt, bud, ganja and dope. So when you hear someone uttering any of these names then he is actually referring to marijuana.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

What are the common effects of using marijuana and is it possible for you to get addicted with it? Yes, you can. People who are using marijuana for some time find it hard to quit so they usually end up looking for a treatment. Users of marijuana commonly feel the urge to use the drug and they would feel really anxious if they fail to get any.

People who are using a large amount of marijuana every day and quitting so suddenly may encounter sleeplessness in the process. They are often nervous and irritated especially when they don’ have MJ at hand. People who are struggling from marijuana addiction also tend to lose their appetite. Such symptoms usually last for a few days.

The effect of smoking marijuana usually lasts for several hours. However, the main active ingredient of marijuana known as THC is stored in your fat cells and can linger in your body for weeks. While this does not necessarily mean that you will be high for weeks, rest assured that you would come up with a positive reading after undergoing a THC drug test. Contact Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver today!

Related article: Is Marijuana Addictive?

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