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Marijuana Addiction

10 Tips to Get Rid of Marijuana Addiction

There are tips you can implement to help you beat marijuana addiction gradually. Deciding to stop the use of marijuana is an important decision, and it’s best you begin early enough.  Marijuana addiction has adverse effects on your health that may be terminal in the long run. Hence, the need

Important Facts You Need to Know About Marijuana Addiction

Did you know that cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis and cannabis indica are widely used around the world due to their intoxicating effects? When these plants are grown for industrial purposes, their THC content is significantly diminished and could not be used by anyone to get high. In Canada, marijuana is

Young Adults Use Marijuana

Why Do Young Adults Use Marijuana?

Marijuana continues to be a popular choice for substance users all across Canada, and it is the most common illicit drug used worldwide. Meny children are exposed to the drug in the pre-teen and teenaged years, and Canadian indigenous youth are at particular risk with almost two-thirds of teenagers aged

suffering from marijuana

Marijuana Addiction: Most Important Things to Know about Weed

Canadians are suffering from marijuana abuse just like the rest of the world as this problem becomes endemic now, more than ever. Although marijuana is a benign drug with worldwide movements aiming to legalize its consumption, addiction to this substance is a different story. Weed is the least to cause