How Long Does Professional Addiction Treatment Take?

More often than not, when a person realizes that they need professional help for their addiction, they ultimately ask one question, ‘How long is addiction treatment?’ This question has weighed on the mind of almost everyone who has realized that they need to go to rehab to overcome their addiction. Naturally, most people like to plan and create specific timeframes for different activities. As a result, it’s normal to want to know how long professional addiction treatment will take.

The reasons people want to know how long drug rehab is are numerous. Some believe a specifically defined endpoint for addiction will instill hope in them. Conversely, others want to know how long it will take before they can return to their normal lives after rehab. However, in the line of addiction treatment, there is a controversy as to how long professional addiction treatment should take. This is because of the unique nature of addiction.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the question – how long does professional addiction treatment take. We will also give you some insight into the various steps involved in addiction treatment. But first, you must realize that your process of recovery from addiction is unique to you. Therefore, you should not compare yourself with anyone you know that has gone through addiction treatment. That being said, let us now look at how long drug addiction rehab should take.

How Long Is Addiction Treatment?

Professional Addiction Treatment

The length of rehab is an issue that most patients try to address at the beginning of their treatment. Unfortunately, there is no quick or straightforward answer to the question of how long drug rehab is. Individuals go through professional addiction treatment at various speeds. So it may be impossible to predetermine a length of treatment.

The course of addiction treatment depends on various factors in each person. Factors such as the severity of addiction and the rate of progress can affect the length of treatment. Furthermore, underlying issues such as physical and mental illness can prolong addiction treatment too. So you see, it may be impossible to predict how long addiction recovery will be for any patient. However, any addiction treatment center worth its salt will provide each client with a unique plan that caters to their specific needs.

You must understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong process. So if you are wondering how long addiction recovery is, a lifetime is the correct answer. On the other hand, the length of addiction treatment is considerably shorter. In the same vein, how long addiction treatment takes will vary from one patient to the other. While some can experience a successful treatment after shorter periods, others require a more prolonged and more intensive rehab to get better. Let us look at some of the available addiction treatment lengths from which you may choose.

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Addiction Treatment Lengths: The Options You Have

Several factors influence the answer to the question of ‘how long does professional addiction treatment take. Due to this, rehab can last anywhere from a few days to over a year. However, some typical program durations are available to patients. But, you must realize that a good outcome is dependent on an adequate length. Here are some of the standard duration for addiction treatment.

  • 30-day addiction treatment programs
  • 60-day addiction treatment programs
  • 90-day addiction treatment programs
  • 120-day addiction treatment programs
  • Long-term addiction treatment programs

Many of the outlined programs are similar in procedure and structure. The most significant difference between them is their lengths. Your treatment center will recommend the best option for you, depending on your symptoms, stressors, and support systems.

However, studies have revealed that an extended stay in rehab is usually more beneficial than shorter ones. When choosing how long your addiction treatment will take, you should focus on the option that will give you the highest chance of long-term recovery. Rehab is not something that you should speed through. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for relapse or worse. Remember, your focus should be on getting better, not getting out of rehab.

On average, most addicted individuals require at least three months to be able to get sober and properly initiate long-term recovery. While there are benefits to each program type, you should pick the one that works for you. Some people prefer to sign for a standard 30-day program and then adjust the length as needed. The truth is you are the only one that has the answer to how long addiction treatment is. Ensure that you take your time to heal before you head back to the outside world.

The Steps to Addiction Treatment

Knowing the steps involved in addiction treatment will help you better understand the reason for the length of rehab. Overcoming a substance use disorder occurs in phases. In addition to knowing how long drug rehab is, you need to know what it entails. This way, you will be more than prepared to take on your addiction treatment. Below are the steps you will take on your journey to addiction recovery.



Detox is the term used to describe the process of flushing all traces of the substance you use from your body. This may be either drugs or alcohol. The length of detoxification varies depending on the substance in question and some other factors. On average, your stay in detox should last between seven to ten days. However, substances such as alcohol, methadone, and Benzodiazepines can easily take two weeks and more.

Detoxification can be a harrowing and frightful experience as it usually comes with withdrawal symptoms. However, it is a necessary process if you want to overcome your addiction. Therefore, to make it easier on your body, undergo detox under the supervision of trained medical professionals.


This is the central phase of addiction rehabilitation. The treatment phase can last anywhere between 30 days and a year. It depends significantly on the severity of the addiction. So, the question of how long rehab will take is dependent on the treatment process. 

During treatment, in addition to receiving some necessary medication, you will undergo therapy and counselling sessions. The aim of this is to replace some of your more “troublesome” behaviours with more positive ones. Furthermore, it will also prepare you mentally and psychologically for life after rehab.


You struggle with substance addiction does not end the moment you step out of addiction treatment. Cravings for drugs or alcohol may still occur, which makes relapse a threat. This is why addiction treatment experts recommend some form of aftercare. This can involve medication to subside cravings, support group meetings, self-help programs, or staying in a sober house. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, so you must do all you can to stay on track.


Final Take

When you wonder ‘How long does professional addiction treatment take,’ know that there is no specific answer. It all depends on the amount of time you or your loved one needs to overcome addiction and get better. Do not allow the uncertainty of how long addiction treatment is prevent you from seeking the help that you need. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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