Alcohol Addiction

physical benefits of giving up alcohol

Physical Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Alcohol is a very popular substance, and we are often exposed to the idea of drinking at a very young age. The media’s portrayal of alcohol tends to have a hand in this, creating the image that alcohol always means a great time, lots of

Quit Drinking

Best Reasons to Quit Drinking

Alcohol is a commonly-abused substance all across the world. Drinking is often referred to as a laidback activity that is constantly advertised to viewers both young and old, and this approach to drinking leaves many to think it won’t become a problem for them. Almost

Alcohol Affects Spousal Relationships

How Alcohol Affects Spousal Relationships

As one of the most common addictions across the globe, alcoholism effects the lives of many. Unfortunately, it is not just the lives of addicts who are affected. Families, friends and loved ones also suffer when an addict loses control, and the uphill battle to


How Does Someone Become an Alcoholic?

There is no one description that exemplifies what an alcoholic looks like. People of all ages have the potential to become alcohol dependent, regardless of where they live, what job they have or who they know. Every alcoholic’s experience looks different; the main focus might

Signs of Alcoholism

Five Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), is defined as the act of drinking alcohol in a way that leads to physical or mental health problems. Meny of the individuals who suffer from alcoholism have a hard time recognizing what is happening, or they may deny