Best Reasons to Quit Drinking

Alcohol is a commonly-abused substance all across the world. Drinking is often referred to as a laidback activity that is constantly advertised to viewers both young and old, and this approach to drinking leaves many to think it won’t become a problem for them.

Almost 80% of the Canadian population drinks alcohol, and the media is constantly promoting and encouraging drinking as a way to celebrate and relax. Of those Canadians who drink, more than three million drink enough to risk immediate injury or long-term health defects.

Even though many people will never experience serious ramifications from drinking alcohol, it is important to know that it is linked to 200 different types of diseases, injuries and conditions.

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If you or someone you know is considering giving up alcohol, there are serious benefits to a lifestyle change. If you need that extra push to drop the habit, the following are some of the best reasons to quit drinking:

  1. You’ll Save Money

Alcohol isn’t cheap, and paying for a heavy habit or addiction can mean throwing away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year. One of the best reasons to quit drinking is simply having more money in your wallet than you used to.

  1. Mended Relationships

With all addictions, it is common that personal relationships will suffer as a result. This is because addicts tend to put their bad habits at the top of their priority list, while everything else tends to lose importance.

When an alcoholic is able to give up for good, their partners may have a newfound respect for them, and they may have the opportunity to mend the relationships they’ve broken in the past.

  1. You Can Be Honest

One of the things that close family members and friends notice about addicts, is that they start lying and stealing to achieve their next fix. They might lie about where they’ve been, how much they’ve used, or where all of their money has gone.

One of the best reasons to quit drinking is being able to start speaking honestly to loved ones, and becoming a more reliable, trustworthy individual.

  1. You Have Time for Things You Love

When an addict is no longer drinking, they’re granted a whole lot of free time to try new things or get back to hobbies they enjoyed before. They won’t need to spend hours at the bar or days sitting on the couch nursing a hangover; instead, they’ll have time for things like sports, hobbies, extra work projects and more.

In fact, staying busy is often suggested for those who are still recovering from their addiction. Staying busy allows the ex-addict to keep their mind off of using, and puts them in an environment where they can challenge their body, meet new friends and find something they enjoy even more than alcohol.

Some of the best reasons to quit drinking have a lot to do with enjoying life again. Drinking can have long-term effects on the body, and often takes away an individual’s quality of life. To quit drinking is to see the world in a whole new way, where you wake up feeling healthy, clear and full of potential.

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