How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost in Vancouver?

The cost of alcohol rehab varies on several factors. You do not expect that the pricing was going to be the same everywhere, did you?

You see, every rehab offers unique facilities and treatment options — some perhaps more than others. For alcohol rehab centers like this, their cost for alcohol addiction treatment will be higher than those with few facilities.

Besides, the type of alcohol addiction treatment that you require will affect the cost too. Here, your hands are tied as you have no control over the kind of alcohol addiction program that’s best for you.

You do not state the type of addiction treatment that you require. Instead, a consultation session with an alcohol addiction expert will do that for you.

It is, however, important to note that addiction treatment options vary from person to person. This emphasizes the need to go to a reputable rehab that can offer the type of addiction treatment that you require.

Other factors also affect the cost of alcohol rehab in Vancouver. Not to worry, we will highlight all of these factors in this short blog.

Cost of Alcohol Rehab in Vancouver

Generally, the cost of alcohol addiction treatment ranges from $2000 to $25,000. Mostly, the cost of an inpatient rehab will differ from that of outpatient rehab. Also, the cost of a long-term treatment service will vary from that of a short-term treatment service.

Long-term addiction treatment services are for people who have had years of alcohol addiction. These people will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. So, they need treatment methods and medical care in place to effectively treat their addiction.

Meanwhile, some groups help if you do not have the finances for addiction treatment. You can get free treatments from 12-step programs like faith-based support groups or secular organizations for sobriety. Most importantly, do not let alcohol addiction treatment pricing deter you from living a normal life.

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Alcohol Rehab

Here’s how to come up with an estimate of how much you should pay for alcohol rehab:

Type of Treatment

Depending on your degree of alcohol addiction, experts may advise you to go with any of the following addiction treatment options.

Medical Detox

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The first in alcohol addiction treatment is the detox process. During the detox process, alcohol is medically removed from your system. Medical detox allows addicts to manage withdrawal symptoms comfortably. Also, medical detox alleviates physical dependence on the drug.

The whole essence of medical detox is to ensure you do not experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Usually, most people quit alcohol addiction themselves, which does not always end well.

So, we advise addicts to undergo the detox process before enrolling for other treatment options. However, all these come at a price.

Depending on the withdrawal effects, medicine, duration and treatment techniques will vary. This will, in turn, affect the amount of alcohol treatment that you will get. The average cost of the alcohol detox step ranges from $200 to $800.


Inpatient rehab treatment is the most common type of rehab treatment. During alcohol rehab treatment, the addict stays in a closed building under 24/7 professional supervision.

Usually, in-patient alcohol rehab is best for addicts that cannot stay away from drinking. So, in-patient rehab is necessary to keep them away from their triggers and help them face them.

Also, under inpatient rehab programs, you will remain under close monitoring with medication staff around 24/7. In doing so, the addiction treatment staff can ensure you adopt new habits and prevent further triggers.

An inpatient addiction treatment program will cost you around $10,000 to $30,000 for 30days. This high price is due to the charges for food, medication, therapy and housing.

The number of days you spend in in-patient alcohol rehab will affect the cost. As you may have already guessed, the longer you spend, the more you have to pay.


Unlike in-patient programs, outpatient programs allow you to engage in your daily activities and still receive treatment. Here, you do not have to pay as much as in in-patient alcohol programs.

However, the chances that addicts will suffer a relapse is very high with out-patient programs. A publication on Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows that 45% of out-patient participants later suffer relapses.

If you decide to go with out-patient programs, the cost of alcohol rehab is $1400 to $10000 for 30 days. But it is important to note that outpatient programs are not as effective as in-patient programs.

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Interventions for alcohol addiction are not too common as many do not see its importance. One major issue with addicts is that they fail to admit that they are addicts. In fact, most times, they don’t know that they are already addicts until they are told.

To educate people about alcohol addiction and its consequences, families sit as a group to talk with the addict. Intervention alcohol addiction treatment aims at convincing addicts to go in for addiction rehab.

Most times, families that do this cannot afford to hire a specialist for the discussion. But for families that can afford it, the cost varies for each specialist. Usually, hiring a specialist will cost $800 to $1000. However, there may be other costs like rooms and transportation costs.


Most insurance policies cover drug and alcohol addiction. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made it compulsory that health insurance policies cover drug and alcohol addiction.

However, insurance policies have a limit to which they can pay for alcohol addiction treatments. Commonly, insurance policies will only cover 30 days of residential treatment.

If an addict is spending extra days, that will mean additional money. Insurance policies do not only determine the duration of rehab. They also determine the type of services that you will receive.

Some services like massage and yoga may benefit you, but your insurance policy may not see a need for those services. Hence, adding extra services will incur more expenses and affect the cost of alcohol rehab.

Length of Program

The duration of days you will spend at alcohol rehab is dependent on an expert’s recommendations. During your stay in recovery, the cost of medication, housing and feelings are put together. So, the longer you stay, the higher your bill and vice versa.

Largely, alcohol addiction treatments can be 7 to 90 days. So, we divide alcohol addiction treatment duration into two:

  • Short term treatments
  • Long term treatments

Short term treatments

Short-term addiction treatments are usually for addicts with a short history of addiction. Short-term treatments can be 7 days or 28 days.

For 7 days of treatment, you will not be receiving psychotherapeutic treatment. But, in a 28 days short-term treatment, you will be receiving psychotherapeutic treatments and medical detox.

Long term treatments

For addicts with a long history of addiction, they will most likely undergo long-term treatments. During long-term treatments, the rehab focuses on helping you recognize your triggers and overcome them.

Not only that, they ensure that you adopt newer habits like reading and meditation. To achieve this, a long list of activities will be drawn out. Although, it is broken down into several days.

A typical long-term alcohol treatment lasts for 30 to 90 days. During the process, you’ll engage in several behavioural therapy sessions that will aid your recovery. How long it takes to develop the skill necessary for permanent sobriety affects the cost of alcohol rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Here are the answers you need:

What is the cost of alcohol rehab in Vancouver?

The cost of alcohol rehab can vary from $2000 to $25000. However, this amount is dependent on several factors as described above.

How many days will I spend in alcohol rehab?

You can spend anywhere from 7 days to 90 days, depending on an expert’s recommendations.

How much does rehab cost with insurance?

We cannot give you a specific range for that. But, a discussion with your insurance provider will tell you everything you need to know about the extent of insurance coverage.

How do I know if I have an addiction or need help?

Once you start noticing that you cannot stay too long without the substance. This is a big signal that you need to visit rehab.

How do I know if my insurance policy covers alcohol addiction?

You can ask your insurance policy provider for confirmation.

Final Words

The cost of alcohol rehab should not deter you from living a normal substance-free life. Life as an alcohol addict can take its strain on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Also, your family, job and mental well-being are likely to feel the effects of constant alcohol abuse.

Several factors affect the pricing for alcohol treatment in Vancouver. They range from the type of treatment, length of program and insurance.

Regardless of the addiction treatment program you choose to go with, the need for professional services is critical. For the best addiction treatment services, check out Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Center for Men. With experienced staff, we ensure that your recovery is effective and takes place in a conducive environment. Contact us today!


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