Addiction Treatment in Vancouver: Why Yoga Can Be Useful During This Pandemic

The presence of the Coronavirus has affected addiction treatment in Vancouver and Canada, as a whole. Addiction support group meetings now hold online. Also, recovering addicts are confined to their homes and have to talk to medical experts via the internet. Finally, addiction services in Vancouver are restructuring the way addiction medication is being dispensed.

All these new developments are due to the new laws which the government put in place to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Such laws include mandatory self-isolation, restriction of movements, social distancing and the restriction of public gatherings. Although these laws are necessary to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, it also means that organizations such as addiction treatment centers in Vancouver have to stop and change the way they function.

Understandably, the restriction placed on movement and physical socialization can put a strain on you and your road to addiction recovery. However, there is a way to help you get through these trying times without suffering a relapse — yoga. Experts have found that yoga can be very beneficial in addiction recovery especially during this coronavirus pandemic. It has a lot to do with the fact that yoga combined with meditation, will help you manage the time spent in isolation better. 

Being alone can be tough for a recovering addict. Not being able to attend support group meetings and be around kindred spirit can be even harder. Notwithstanding, it is possible to get through this coronavirus pandemic without suffering an addiction relapse. Yoga can be a very effective tool in navigating the waters of addiction treatment in Vancouver. Before we go into the various benefits of yoga in addiction recovery, let us look at why yoga is relevant as a tool for addiction treatment in Vancouver.

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The Relevance of Yoga in Addiction Treatment

Yoga can be used as a powerful tool to aid addiction recovery. It is a practice that serves as a training ground for your mind and body. Most experts will agree that a strong, determined mind is a necessity for anyone that wants to win the battle against addiction. With yoga, you can gain better control of the mind and body. Furthermore, it also gives a huge boost to your positive mental energy helping you stay focused on your addiction recovery. All these and more are the reasons that make yoga a relevant tool for addiction treatment and recovery.

Yoga is considered by many as a natural form of medical treatment. It is essentially the use of body postures to connect the mind and body while using breath control to gain self-awareness and inward-focused attention. Substantial evidence suggests that this practice is supportive of addiction treatment and can also help to manage drug cravings and relapse triggers. 

Recovering from alcohol or substance addiction is a delicate time for the mind. Strengthening your mind with yoga will help you better control your psyche and increase your chances of winning the struggle with addiction.

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How Yoga Can Be Useful for Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yoga Can Be Useful for Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19

Keep reading to find out how yoga can be an essential tool in your addiction treatment arsenal over the course of this social distancing period.

It Helps You Stay Physically Fit

If you are in isolation during this coronavirus pandemic, then it is very likely that you are not getting the physical exercise that your body needs. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for people with a history of substance abuse to have problems with weight gain or muscle loss. Yoga can easily help you with both problems.

Performing yoga will allow you to build new muscle and exercise your existing ones while improving your flexibility as well as strengthening your breathing. You get the entire physical strengthening package and from the comfort of your home too!

It Gives You Mental Strength

You probably know that addiction is a disease of the mind. One way to make your mind stronger is to be around people that support and strengthen your addiction recovery process. However, during this pandemic, that may prove difficult, if not impossible. Thankfully, yoga can boost your mental strength and consequently, your addiction treatment process.

One of the fundamentals of yoga is the bond between mind and body. Essentially, the body affects the mind. What this means is that as your body gets stronger, your mind will also grow and get stronger. Furthermore, yoga is a form of meditation. So, it can help you develop a higher sense of self-awareness and positive thinking. Also, it will help you relax and release the feelings of stress and anxiety associated with a pandemic.

It Can Replace the Drugs

You may be wondering how this is possible. However, experts have found that practicing and holding long yoga poses can release some hormones in your body. These hormones are endorphins and dopamine. When you take drugs, these are the same hormones that the drugs react with to give you a sense of happiness and enjoyment.

Therefore, if you feel the need to get high during this imposed isolation period, practicing yoga can help give you the ‘high’ that you want. With yoga, you can get the feeling of peace and happiness that drugs offer without harming your mind and body. Also, it can reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms as well as reduce cravings

It Will Keep You Busy

During this pandemic and the resultant isolation, there is a very high tendency for you to get bored due to lack of activity. For a person undergoing addiction treatment in Vancouver, idleness can be very dangerous as it gives the mind time to reflect on past habits. However, yoga can be the distraction that you need to feel the gap in your day. 

Practicing yoga can act as a mental distraction for you. Even better, you do not need any equipment to practice yoga nor do you need a partner. All you need is your body, determination, the ground beneath your feet and you are good to go.

It Gives You a Feeling of Peace

The coronavirus pandemic can cause feelings of anxiety and emotional stress, especially for recovering addicts. Yoga can help you neutralize such negative emotions and help you achieve peace during your addiction recovery process. In addition, it improves mindfulness and helps one to find inner peace. Finally, it can help you come to a peaceful realization of what you must do to help yourself get better.

Feeling of Peace

It Can Give You a Sense of Purpose

Finally, asides from helping you with your mental health and providing a source of distraction, yoga can help you find a purpose. It is not uncommon for people to fall in love with yoga after trying for the first time. And like with everything else in life, there are stages to it. 

With time, you can move from beginner poses to intermediate and advanced yoga positions. This will give you a sense of ambition. With dedication and constant practice, you will get better at it. More importantly, this challenge will take your mind off cravings and unwanted feelings.

In Conclusion

 Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver during this pandemic can be better with elements of yoga. Although, it will take more commitment on your part. Practicing yoga can do a lot to take the pressure off you and help you stay focused on addiction recovery. 

We hope that we’ve been able to show you how to use yoga for your addiction treatment. If you have further questions about yoga and addiction treatment, please reach out to us. We have taken extra steps to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us today!

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