Coronavirus Protocol for Drug Rehab

Following drug rehab protocol during the coronavirus pandemic can be a lifesaver. Recent studies show that people with substance use disorder have greater chances of contracting coronavirus. Therefore, there’s a need for the rehab center’s management to strictly obey the coronavirus protocol for drug rehab, thereby ensuring the safety of its patients.

COVID-19 and addiction problems are two pandemics causing a major threat to public health in Canada. Thankfully, by following strict measures, addiction centres can provide effective addiction care without compromising patient safety.

Here, we’ll explore various protocols rehab centres can employ to provide addiction care without compromising patient safety. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll also explore how patients can prepare for addiction treatment during the pandemic and whether it’s safe.

The Need for Improved Drug Rehab Protocols during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason for the many changes in the system of things around us today. The quick spread of the virus and its deadliness are a source of worry to Canada and the world.

Recent news shows that Canada may likely experience the fourth wave of COVID-19. The possible fourth wave is making organizations, including rehabs to be stricter with COVID-19 preventive measures.

With Canada also experiencing an increase in substance-related mortality and hospitalization, it’s a sign that drug abuse is on the rise. The coronavirus and substance abuse make it two pandemics that Canada is currently facing.

The problem is, people with addiction problems need to get treatment but may be scared of contracting COVID-19. Also, people with addiction problems have more exposure to COVID-19. This is why rehabs, in line with government policies, now take COVID-19 safety and preventive measures with utmost seriousness.

The Canadian government has designed certain guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in facilities like rehab. However, the rehab center’s management needs to be proactive in implementing these safety and preventive measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Similarly, as an individual hoping to visit a drug rehab during the coronavirus pandemic, you also need to observe these safety protocols.

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COVID-19 Safety and Preventive Measures in Drug Rehab Centers

Most drug rehabs already implement COVID-19 preventive measures in Vancouver. But as an individual, you also need to be careful on your part. See the protocol for drug rehab during the coronavirus pandemic below.

COVID-19 Pre-admission Procedure

pre-admission procedureDrug rehabs start applying the COVID-19 safety and preventive measures even before the patient visits their facility physically. It’s a measure that increases the probability of patients getting safe addiction treatment in Vancouver during the pandemic.

Before you visit the facility, the pre-admission measures have to do with the rehab center’s management asking vital questions via phone call or mail. It’ll help the rehab center’s management to know the level of the patient’s exposure to COVID-19. Some of the questions include:

  • Do you agree to undergo a COVID-19 screening test before you enter our premises?
  • When and where did you travel to within the last 90 to 180 days?
  • Has anyone around you shown COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Do you exhibit any symptoms too?
  • Did you have any close contact with someone with COVID-19?

Answering these questions correctly enables the rehab’s management to better prepare for you. It’ll also help you to be safe when you get to the rehab.

On-Site Admission Measures

Rehab centers now have a clear and consistent admission process that helps to reduce the spread of the virus. Most rehab centers now test their prospective clients before allowing them into their facilities. The on-site screening will happen per the Health Canada guidelines.

The screening is important to stop COVID-infected people from entering the rehab facility. It’s an important drug rehab protocol that ensure overall well-being and safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

If the patient is without coronavirus symptoms and the result is negative, the rehab may shorten the isolation period. But if the patient’s result is positive, most rehabs won’t allow you to enter the premises at all. If the rehab has an isolation center, the patient will have to stay there till the management takes further decisive steps.

If the rehab doesn’t have an isolation center, the management will likely refer the affected patient to the appropriate facility.

Facility Hygiene and Adjustments

A major protocol a drug rehab can implement during the coronavirus pandemic is to ensure the facility is always clean. The rehab’s management needs to be certain about the cleanliness of surfaces, door handles, staircases and other items people touch often.

Every day, the janitors should use disinfectants and other germ combating elements to clean the entire facility thoroughly. The rehab’s management must inspect the facility to ensure the janitors did a diligent job. It’ll make the rehab facility safe at all times.

The management of the rehab may have to make certain physical changes within the facility. For instance, to ensure the people within the facility are always clean, the management can construct more washbasins.

These washbasins will have soap and water, and they need to be at strategic points within the facility. It’ll encourage people to wash their hands more often. Also, posters of COVID-19 safety measures in drug rehab centers can serve as a subtle reminder for people to maintain hygiene.

The rehab’s management also needs to adjust sitting arrangements to maintain the social distancing rule. When people have to be in close contact, they must wear protective gear like masks and possibly gloves.


The rehab must perform a complete appraisal for its staff before providing personal protective equipment (PPE). The rehab’s management will train the staff on how to use the PPE. The staff must always wear the PPE before attending to any patient.

It’s important for the staff to use PPE within the rehab whether the patient displays symptoms of COVID-19 or not. The PPE includes:

  • Fluid resistant surgical mask (FRSM)
  • Eye shielding coverings
  • Disposable aprons, plastic preferably
  • Disposable gloves

The staff needs to know how to don (wear) and doff (take-off) the PPE. The staff can source materials online on how best to go about the PPE donning and doffing process. The rehab’s management can also paste a how-to-do poster for the PPE training in staff rooms. By doing so, the drug rehab center can offer addiction treatment in Vancouver and all over Canada.

Close Monitoring of People in the Facility

The rehab’s management can train the security to use a thermometer to look out for vital signs before allowing anyone to enter the premises. It’s a great way to sieve the people entering the facility.

On the management’s instruction, the security must stop anyone not wearing a face mask from entering the rehab. In addition, the security will have to raise the alarm if anything is suspicious.

By doing so, the management can be a bit sure of the people inside the premises. The next thing is to monitor everyone within the facility closely. The staff and security have to remain attentive to happenings within the rehab centre. The staff needs to be on the lookout for anyone not adhering to the COVID-19 safety and preventive measures.

Outpatient Treatment

For outpatient treatment, the patients will maintain their normal lives in their houses. But the patients will have to visit the rehab on some days due to prior scheduling with the medical professional.

The outpatient treatment program may be a preferable option during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll help the rehab centre to reduce or limit their contact with people. Outpatient treatment in a drug rehab during the coronavirus pandemic needs to follow the guidelines below.

  • Maintain access to addiction treatment services
  • Protect the staff and patients from coronavirus infection
  • Create a safe therapeutic environment for patients with an addiction problem

Inpatient Treatment Program

While the outpatient treatment program in drug rehabs during the coronavirus pandemic may seem like the best option, it may not be what some individuals need.

Individuals with severe addiction problems get better results when they go for an inpatient treatment program in a rehab. But the coronavirus pandemic may be a hindrance for the inpatient treatment program, which is also known as residential treatment.

Therefore, the rehab’s management needs to ensure proper screening for the staff and patients every day. Patients that are COVID-19 positive are to undergo quarantine until recovery.

Is it Safe to go for Addiction Treatment during the Pandemic?

addiction treatment during the pandemicThe issue of substance use disorder is at an all-time high in Canada, and it doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. COVID-19 is highly infectious, so it’s understandable to be cautious even when selecting a rehab for addiction treatment.

The government has set rules to ensure that people are safe at all times. However, you need to also look out for rehabs that comply with the government’s safety and preventive measures.

These protocols make it safer for people to get basic services, including addiction treatment. But you may need to research the rehab to know if they’re obeying the safety measures.

You also need to understand that COVID-19 safety isn’t just the responsibility of the rehab. On an individual level, you also have a role to play by obeying the safety rules.

Preparing yourself for Rehab during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has become a disruption to everyday life. Even when going to drug rehab for addiction treatment during the coronavirus pandemic, preparation is important.

Here’s what you need to do:


Before visiting a drug rehab during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to take out time to search for a competent facility. But this time, you also need to consider COVID-19 safety measures.

When you get the contact details of the rehab, you can call or send a mail to inquire about the COVID-19 safety measures they have in place. In addition, you can look for reviews on the rehab’s website or any other source to back it up.

But make sure you get a satisfactory reply about COVID-19 safety rules from the rehab before applying for treatment. The information you gather at this point will determine your safety from COVID-19 in the rehab.


Making financial plans is an important step in any project, including planning for safe addiction treatment in Vancouver. When budgeting, include the price of safety gear like a mask, sanitizer, gloves, and other personal items that’ll enhance your safety against COVID-19.

Also, rehabs with proper COVID-19 safety measures may cost more, slightly. Some rehabs may even give you masks and sanitizers. But it’s always better to prepare yourself by coming with those items.

Obey the Rules

The rehab’s management starts the COVID-19 preventive measures right from the gate. So you need to obey the rules put in place by the management. COVID-19 is quite infectious, and those rules are to keep you safe.

Choosing not to obey the COVID-19 safety rules equals putting yourself in danger. Observe proper hygiene to ensure your safety.


As you settle into rehab, you may start worrying about activities you put on hold, like your family, job or other obligations. Of course, it’s perfectly okay to worry about those things.

But you’ve already decided to get a solution to your addiction problem, and that’s what matters the most. After that, you just need to start taking the correct measures that’ll make it possible to return to a positive space.

So, you need to pay attention to the things that matter within the rehab facility. Be conscious of your safety at all times. It’ll enable you to get proper addiction treatment in Vancouver.

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Final Take

Going for drug rehab in Vancouver during the coronavirus pandemic can be a tough decision to make. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it’s wise to put safety first, including going for addiction treatment.

The government has set rules to ensure people are safe from the virus. But here at Addiction Healing Centre, we also go out of our way to ensure your safety from the virus when getting addiction treatment.

We have been able to adapt our addiction programs to guarantee patient safety during the pandemic. Contact us today to discuss your treatment options!

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