What Is The Cost Of Heroin Addiction Rehab In Edmonton?

Finding out the cost of rehab for heroin addiction can be a roadblock when you’re planning to get treatment. However, it’s a roadblock you must bypass.The price is a significant determinant to how soon you can start the journey to freedom from heroin.

Canada is currently experiencing an opioid pandemic with records of hospitalizations and death due to illegal substances like heroin. In 2018, there were 5,349 opioid-related deaths, making it a growing concern to the government.

Alarming records like this are why you need to get heroin addiction treatment services immediately.

You can’t get heroin addiction treatment without first knowing the cost of rehab. That’s why we’re writing this article.

Here, we’ll bridge the gap between you and information about the cost of heroin addiction rehab in Edmonton. We’ll also explore the factors that can determine the pricing for rehab.

Cost Of Heroin Addiction Treatment In Edmonton: What To Expect

Heroin addiction treatment cost in Edmonton varies. It’s best to budget about $5000 to $20,000 for a complete treatment plan. You may end up not exhausting the whole money depending on the severity of your addiction. Most rehab centres charge about $650 daily for the first month of treatment in inpatient rehabs.

Outpatient rehabs may charge between $150 to $500 per treatment session. The procedure is spread over a long time to allow you to identify and overcome triggers to using drugs.

If you have insurance coverage, you’ll not have to pay much from your purse. Your insurance will cover most of the cost of heroin rehab. The extent of coverage depends on your initial agreement with your insurer. Check with your provider to know what parts of heroin rehab treatment your insurance package covers.

If you can afford your treatment, you can proceed to get any quality of treatment you want. Edmonton is home to different types of heroin addiction programs in Edmonton — each with its cost. Learn more about them below.

Different Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs and Their Costs

Choosing the best heroin rehab program depends on your mental or physical state and the severity of your addiction. In addition, each of these treatment programs come with different costs due to their distinctive characteristics. Below, you’ll learn more about these treatment programs and why their prices vary.

Inpatient addiction treatment program

Experts recommend inpatient addiction treatment programs for people with severe addiction problems. An inpatient heroin rehab program gives patients the chance to focus on their recovery without the distraction of everyday life.

Medical professionals in the treatment facility (mostly hospital settings) offer close surveillance to the patients all around the clock. It enables them to monitor patients closely and properly track their recovery process. The attentiveness and care patients receive makes the program effective in treating addiction.

An inpatient treatment program disrupts the daily life of the patient till they finish receiving treatment. By doing so, patients are far from potential triggers while they’re in the facility. Depending on the case, you may sometimes require a three or six month addiction treatment plan.

The heroin addiction treatment process includes yoga, therapy, counselling and other mind engaging activities. All these contribute to the success of the treatment program. However, the main thing about inpatient treatment programs is the intensive care and medical support they provide on standby.

Inpatient heroin addiction treatment programs cost about $6000 to $3000. It may even cost more based on the level and type of the facility. An inpatient program is costlier than other programs because it accommodates and offers you 24-hour intensive care. In addition, the program has a higher success rate because the treatment procedure is complete and meticulous.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs

Unlike inpatient programs, the outpatient treatment program is for mild heroin addiction issues. The outpatient treatment program is different from the inpatient treatment program in several ways.

Outpatient heroin addiction rehab costs less than inpatient programs because patients don’t pay for accommodation and other services like feeding. In Edmonton, an outpatient treatment program for heroin addiction may also cost you up to $5000.

Patients come from their various houses for treatment during the day. The program lasts for 10 to 12 hours weekly. The professional in charge schedules the appointments thrice weekly or as the case requires.

With an outpatient program, you can maintain your regular daily routine. You can go to work and meet up with appointments while receiving rehab treatment.

The inpatient program restricts and teaches patients how to avoid triggers. Conversely, an outpatient heroin program can only teach about triggers. It still offers the patients more freedom. With freedom and exposure to triggers, there is the possibility of relapse, which adversely affects your recovery.


heroin detoxTo rid your body system of heroin, you’ll need to flush the substance gradually. Removing heroin from your body immediately is dangerous. Hence, the need to take it slowly.

Dopamine, the “happiness hormone”, is responsible anytime you feel a rush of excitement. Heroin induces your body’s nervous system to produce and secrete dopamine. Continual usage of heroin will alter your ability to control dopamine secretion fully.

You won’t be able to secrete dopamine without heroin, and it leads to physical dependence. Once you get to this stage, addiction has already set in. As a result, heroin usage may start affecting your mental and physical health.

When receiving addiction treatment, you’ll need to cleanse your system of heroin to prevent further damage. The process of flushing heroin from your system is detox. Most addicts will withdrawal symptoms during detox, which is the body naturally stabilising.

The cost of medical treatment you’ll need to manage withdrawal symptoms will affect the pricing for your heroin addiction rehab program.

The price of detoxing is not stable because it’s dependent on how long the process takes. Heroin detox lasts about six to seven days but it may end up taking more time. The longer your detox takes, the more money you’ll have to pay.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment can cost about $460 and $1,176 monthly. You’ll get the best results when you combine medication-assisted treatment with a comprehensive heroin rehab plan.

Doctors prescribe different meds to assist patients with their recovery. These medications serve various purposes, including reducing cravings, managing withdrawal symptoms, and treating some disorders. Examples of these drugs include methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone.

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Factors That Affect The Pricing for Heroin Rehab

How much it is to treat heroin addiction will vary for each patient due to their unique treatment pattern.

Above, we provided rough estimates, you can work with, but they’ll remain what they are — etimates. Below, you’ll see the reasons why the price of rehab can’t be the same or stable.

Treatment Duration

Addiction treatment programs usually last for 30 to 90 days. But that can change depending on the severity of your addiction. If you have a severe addiction issue, you’ll have to spend more time at the rehab. It’s common knowledge that a 90-day program will cost more than a 45- day or 30-day program..

Rehab Centre Type

There are two types of rehab centres you can access for heroin addiction treatment in Edmonton. First, depending on your budget and preparedness, you may want to go for a private or government-owned rehab.

You need to weigh your options properly, so you don’t end up wasting money. Both options offer quality services, but the one major downside of a government-owned rehab is the waitlist!

Government-Owned Rehabs

Government-funded rehabs hire professionals to give the best addiction treatment at pocket-friendly rates. Thanks to government funding, you may end up paying very little or close to nothing on treatment costs.

However, government-owned facilities lack some basic facilities like aftercare or follow up services. Government-owned rehabs are crowded chiefly because of their affordability.

Due to the volume of people getting addiction treatment, close surveillance may not be possible for patients. Regardless, government-owned rehabs serve as the best option for you if you can’t afford private-owned rehabs.

Private Owned Rehabs

private owned rehabsPrivately owned rehabs are better than government-funded rehabs because the treatment process will suit your situation. In addition, professionals are always available to give the best kind of treatment and aftercare services.

State of the art equipment is accessible to give the best treatment to the patient. In addition, unlike government-owned rehabs, there is no waitlist. Instead, you’ll get treatment immediately, which is a good start in their recovery process.

The cost of heroin addiction treatment in privately owned facilities is more expensive, but you’ll get value for your money. Sadly, many people can’t afford private-owned rehabs, limiting their access to quality treatment.

Type of Treatment Program

Pricing for heroin rehab differs due to the type of treatment program the patient needs. Treatment programs have various treatment patterns and costs. For example, for serious addiction problems, you may need to use an inpatient treatment program.

An inpatient program costs more because of the nature of treatment and care you’ll get. However, medical assistance is always available, and professionals provide therapy sessions that contribute to your recovery process.

On the other hand, the outpatient program is not as expensive as the inpatient program. You’ll not need to live in the facility, and you can maintain your regular schedule. The doctor will plan appointments weekly to fit your schedule.


Naturally, your geographical location plays a significant role in treatment costs. For instance, heroin rehab costs in Edmonton are different from Ontario or Quebec. Rehabs in highbrow areas cost more and vice versa.


Detoxing directly affects the cost of heroin addiction programs. Patients with severe addiction problems may need to undergo detox for a more extended period. The longer the process lasts, the more expenses they incur.

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Final Thoughts

Averagely, it costs about $5000 to $20,000 for heroin addiction treatment in rehabs. Based on your current financial status, you may register in a government-funded rehab or privately owned rehabs. Whatever the case may be, never consider the money you spend on yourself as waste. Also, start seeking treatment early enough!

Inspire Change Wellness Centre is here to make sure you’re getting the best possible care. Contact us today to discuss your options for heroin addiction rehab!

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