What is The Cost of Heroin Addiction Rehab in Calgary?

Topics like the cost of heroin addiction rehab are not uncommon among heroin addicts. Addicts who are ready to undergo addiction treatment typically have questions about the pricing for treatment.

It’s heartening to know you’ll be going for treatment. But before you do, here are things to know about heroin addiction treatments.

As heroin addiction treatment focuses on helping you recognize your triggers, it also trains you to avoid them. Failure to recognize your triggers can slow down your recovery process. Hence, you must recognize your triggers during treatment. Common addiction triggers include family, friends, places and activities.

To intensively train your mind to avoid triggers, rehabs in Calgary operate on a well-established structure. Such that, when you come in for treatment programs, you not only recover but also adopt new habits. But these arrays of activities come at a cost that varies from one rehab centre to another.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the cost of heroin addiction treatment and factors that combine to determine how much you end up paying for addiction treatment.

The cost of Heroin Addiction Rehab

The cost of heroin addiction rehab ranges from $5000 to $80,000. However, this pricing is dependent on several factors and is very flexible.

Factors like the location and size of the treatment centre affect how much a heroin rehab session will cost. Below, we’ll consider other factors that affect the price of heroin addiction treatment rehab.

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What Determines The Cost of Heroin Addiction Treatment

The cost of heroin rehab is not a random figure. How much you end up paying for heroin addiction treatment in Calgary is a function of your unique treatment needs, the rehab centre, and how long you spend in rehab.

Below is a breakdown of how these factors work together to determine the cost of heroin rehab:

cost of heroin addiction treatmentType of addiction Program

There are different types of addiction programs that aid addiction treatment. But, only your addiction specialist can determine which program is suitable for your addiction problem. Below, we carefully look at the different types of addiction programs and how they affect addiction costs.

In-Patient programs

The in-patient program is the most common type of heroin addiction treatment program in Calgary. Its high success rate is why in-patient rehab is a popular choice among heroin addicts.

During in-patient programs, patients will live in a designated facility. During this period, patients are in a close space where professionals monitor their recovery.

The in-patient program aims at achieving total independence from heroin drug addiction. To do this, in-patient programs have a structural approach that helps build your mind. The essence of building your mind is to overcome triggers that can cause relapses.

Before patients can overcome their triggers, they must first recognize what these triggers are. Common triggers are:

  • Friends.
  • Places.
  • Family.
  • Spouse.
  • Parties.

Another common way to prevent relapses is to keep patients’ minds busy. Mind-building activities that are a part of inpatient heroin rehab include:

  • Yoga.
  • Meditation.
  • Massage.
  • Book reading.
  • Cooking classes.

For in-patient programs, the cost of heroin addiction rehab is $12000-$6000. This high cost covers feeding, accommodation and medication expenses.

Out-patient programs

Unlike the in-patient program, patients in the outpatient program don’t stay in rehab during treatment. The reason for this is the low severity of their heroin addiction.

The outpatient program is best for people who need to raise funds for their treatment. For this category, they can receive treatment and continue their daily routine.

During outpatient programs, patients will return to the rehab centre at specific times for checkups. Checkups can be daily or weekly, depending on the discretion of the addiction treatment specialist.

As easy as returning for a check-up is, it delays recovery. The reason for this delayed recovery is the continued contact patients make with their triggers. It’s why outpatient programs have lower recovery rates compared to in-patient programs.

A major disadvantage of out-patient programs is the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. If withdrawal happens outside of the rehab facility ( because there are no medical personnel available), symptoms can escalate.

Out-patient programs are not as effective as in-patient programs but are more affordable. The cost of outpatient heroin addiction treatment rehab ranges from $5000 to $10000.

Detox Process

The detox process is the medical removal of heroin from the body. It’s usually the first step during addiction treatment and can be stressful for some patients. Often a successful detox step means you’ll be spending less time at the rehab.

During detox, many patients experience withdrawal symptoms which may be mild or severe. To properly manage withdrawal symptoms, detox happens under the supervision of medical personnel. Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Seizures.
  • Vomiting.
  • Sweating and disorientation.
  • Difficulty breathing.

If you’re going for a detox process, be ready to spend $2000 – $5,000. The exact price of heroin detox depends on your medication, the severity of your addiction and how long you spend in detox.

Class of treatment program

There are heroin treatment programs that focus on the basics. Basic heroin addiction treatment programs focus on your recovery. You’ll get the required medical care, counselling sessions, and guidance you need to achieve sobriety.

Just as there are basic rehab programs, there are heroin addiction treatment programs that offer treatment with a touch of luxury. These types of heroin addiction treatment programs are more expensive compared to basic programs.

If you receive treatment in a luxurious rehab, you can expect to pay between $14,000 to $20,000. In luxurious heroin rehab centres, you can have a room to yourself, comfortable bed and space for personal things. Luxurious rehabs offer amenities like a world-class gym, a spa, entertainment centre and more.

Location and length of the program

The longer you spend in rehab, the higher the cost of heroin addiction treatment. Typically, how long you spend in rehab is a function of the severity of your addiction. In Calgary, heroin rehab programs have a timeline of 30, 60 or 90 days. As you’ll expect, spending 30-days at rehab will cost less than spending 90-days.

Likewise, your location also affects how much you’ll be paying for heroin addiction. Addiction rehab centres in locations with a high cost of living cost more and vice-versa.

Type of Rehabilitation centre

When choosing an addiction centre, it’s safest to pick from centres with proven recovery results. You should also look out for top-notch facilities and experienced addiction treatment specialists.

There are two categories of rehab centres in Calgary. It’s either you choose a privately-owned rehabilitation centre or a government-owned rehabilitation center.

type of rehabilitation centreGovernment-Owned Rehab

For the running of the rehab centre, government-owned rehabs receive full funding from the government. Hence, their pricing for heroin addiction treatment is affordable for all.

However, government-owned rehabs don’t taper services for individual needs. They only offer one size fits all therapy for all patients irrespective of the nature of their addiction. So, government-owned rehabs are not ideal options for patients with special heroin addiction treatment services.

Because the government funds government-owned rehab, they may not be able to boast world-class facilities. To make the very best of limited funding, government-owned rehabs only offer essential treatment facilities.

Privately-Owned rehab

Unlike government-owned rehab, private rehabs do taper their services to meet individual needs. Hence, they are better options for patients with special needs.

Private rehabs are more expensive because they don’t receive funding from the government. The high cost of heroin addiction treatment in private rehabs is one of the reasons people consider other options.

As you’ll expect, private rehabs offer better amenities and more modern facilities than government-owned rehabs. This makes them a better and more expensive option.

Private rehabs also offer high-quality addiction treatment services. Patients in a private rehab centre program can expect to enjoy one-on-one counselling sessions. You’ll also get round-the-clock medical supervision during the detox stage.

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To Wrap it Up

The high cost of heroin addiction rehab is the most common reason people avoid addiction treatment. However, the cost of heroin addiction treatment is worth it.

The medical support and supervision on offer during the detox stage of your treatment can save your life. Heroin addiction treatment includes mind-building sessions that’ll help you build a resistance to addiction triggers. With the help of a certified addiction specialist, you’ll be able to develop positive behaviours that ensure long-term recovery.

Here at Inspire Change Wellness Centre, we offer the best heroin rehab services in Calgary. Our expert heroin addiction specialists will create a unique treatment plan for your specific needs. It all starts with a simple consultation session. Get in touch with us today!

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