How Much Does Party Drug Addiction Rehab Cost in Edmonton?

Party drug addiction is quite rampant in Edmonton. Drugs like Molly, Cocaine and LSD are a fixture at clubs around town. With usage over time, it’s possible to develop a strong dependence on party drugs. After dependence, comes addiction.

It’s almost impossible to break an addiction to party drugs on your own. The severe nature of physical symptoms that’ll occur during withdrawal can make DIY detox a dangerous prospect.

Party drug addiction comes with strong cravings. Without professional support and guidance, beating these cravings may be impossible.

All of the medical intervention, professional support and counselling you need to recover from party drug addiction comes at a cost. The cost of party drug addiction rehab in Edmonton varies from one centre to another.

Majorly, how much you’ll pay for party drug rehab varies on the extent of treatment. A comprehensive program that includes detox, medical treatment, counselling and after-care will have a price tag on the high side.

With this blog, we’ll highlight everything that goes into the cost of party drug addiction. Here’s a comprehensive guide that’ll cover different treatment options and their costs.

What is the Cost of Party Drug Addiction Rehab in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000 for party drug addiction rehab. If you’re in search of a more luxurious addiction treatment program, you may end up paying as much as $50,000 for a complete rehab program.

The vast range of pricing is a function of the type of program. Inpatient addiction rehabs are the most expensive.

For a 30-day inpatient party drug addiction program, you may pay between $6,000 to $15,000 for a 30-day program.

The exact price is a function of the reputation of the addiction rehab centre. Popular rehab centres with a reputation for excellent results can charge up to $20,000 for a 30-day program. Longer programs (60-90 days) can cost up to $35,000.

If your party drug addiction is mild/moderate, you can choose an outpatient rehab program. Outpatient addiction rehab programs in Edmonton can cost between $5,000-$10,000. The pricing depends on how often you have to go in for treatment sessions.

Medication is a key part of party drug addiction treatment. You’ll need medication to manage withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substance you abuse, medication may also be necessary for dealing with cravings. Over a 12-month period, you may spend up to $5,000 on medication for party drug rehab.

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What Determines the Cost of Party Drug Rehab?

The pricing for party drug addiction treatment in Edmonton is not an arbitrary figure. Factors like the number of on-site staff, level of support and experience on offer will determine the cost.

Below, we’ll break down each factor and show you how they contribute to the cost of party drug addiction.


Resources at a typical rehab centre can range from chairs in a meeting room for group sessions to amenities like a swimming pool, gym, spa and gourmet food.

Each party drug rehab centre in Edmonton offers different resources. If your choice of rehab centres offers recreational amenities in addition to a scenic environment, you can expect the price of rehab programs to be on the high side.

Level of care

The level of care a rehab centre will offer is a function of the expertise and experience of its personnel. To care for you and nurture you to long-term sobriety, a rehab centre may offer any of the following:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Psych evaluations
  • Partner therapy
  • Mind-building exercises like yoga
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Round the clock medical care

The higher the level of care on offer, the higher the cost of party drug addiction rehab services.

Type of treatment

type of treatmentIn Edmonton, there are two major types of treatment services for party drug addiction. You can choose an inpatient rehab program or an outpatient service.

Inpatient or residential programs are more expensive. They’re best for patients with severe cases of party drug addiction. Since you’ll be living in the rehab centre, you’ll get 24/7 monitoring, medical care and zero exposure to addiction triggers.

Conversely, an outpatient party drug rehab program is a great option if you have a support system at home. It allows you to keep up with school or work while receiving addiction treatment.

The cost of outpatient drug addiction treatment is a function of your needs, treatment schedule and timeline for completion. Outpatient party drug rehab is always a more affordable option compared to inpatient programs. The only issue is they may not be effective for severe cases of party drug dependence.

Quality and qualifications of the staff

A rehab centre is only as effective as its staff. The best addiction rehab centres in Edmonton hire Master’s level therapists with the proper accreditation. They also offer access to physicians, counsellors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists.

With the wealth of professional experience on offer, these rehab centres can provide you with top-level addiction care and support. You’ll have all the tools at your disposal to attain sobriety — at a cost. The better the quality of staff at an addiction rehab centre, the higher the cost of party drug addiction.

Length of treatment

The longer you have to spend in a party drug rehab centre, the higher the cost of your treatment. Because addiction is a physical as well as a mental illness, it can be hard to choose an exact timeline for your treatment.

Most addiction rehab centres offer 30-45 day programs. Although, this timeline may increase if your treatment calls for it.


Government-funded addiction rehab centres are more affordable. However, they are hospital-like and institutional. There’s rarely any thought to the environment and the impact it can have on the patients. Due to limited funding, the focus is on providing the bare minimum of care for each patient.

On the other hand, private rehabs for party drug addiction in Edmonton pay attention to the environment. Private rehabs have pleasant campuses that exude peace and relaxation.

The environment can be advantageous for mind-building exercises like yoga and mediation. As you can expect, you’ll have to pay higher to enjoy the serene environment a private rehab offers.

Level of focus

Rehab centres that offer a higher level of individual focus charge more for party drug addiction treatment. In the past, addiction treatment used to happen in a group with little regard for individual uniqueness. People would sit around in a circle and try to motivate each other with personal experiences.

While group counselling has its place in addiction treatment, it can’t take the place of individual treatment and counselling.

The more individual focus a rehab centre gives you, the higher the effectiveness of the treatment program. With individual attention from a counsellor and therapist, you’ll be able to uncover negative behavioural patterns and find out how to counter them.

level of focusAftercare services

Aftercare support is important to long-term recovery from party drug addiction. It can be hard to say no to cravings after your stint at a rehab centre. Aftercare services exist to give you the support you need to maintain your sobriety.

Aftercare services can come in different forms. While some rehab centres use an evidence-based system, others offer counselling at regular intervals.

What is the Cost of Detox for Party Drug Addiction?

Detox is the first step in party drug addiction treatment. It’s the removal of every trace of the addictive substance from your body. The cost of detox is a function of how long it takes.

For instance, for severe cocaine addiction, you’ll need careful monitoring and medication during the detox stage. If this is the case, you’ll end up paying more for detox than someone with a mild LSD problem.

Private rehab centres can charge up to $500 per day for detox services. While in government rehab centres, you may get detox services for free. If you sign up at an inpatient rehab centre, the cost of detox will be added to your overall bill.

It’s important to know that paying the cost of detox is not a substitute for party drug addiction treatment in Edmonton. Detox does not include therapy. Neither is there an avenue for you to develop the tools you’ll need to deal with future triggers and cravings.

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Final Thoughts

The cost of party drug addiction rehab in Edmonton can be as low as $5,000. It depends on the type of addiction treatment program and the level of care it offers.

Often, we find that people choose an addiction treatment program using price as a determinant. That’s the wrong approach. Instead, you should talk to an addiction treatment specialist first. Together you can find the sweet spot between your budget and effective treatment for party drug dependence.

Here at Inspire Change Wellness Centre, we offer a varied approach to addiction treatment depending on your budget and needs. Speak to any of our friendly reps to discuss your options. Contact us today!

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