Personalities to Avoid During Addiction Recovery

Not everyone is going to understand or support an addict’s goal to quit their bad habit; in fact, some people might try to harm an individual’s chances of getting better. Someone who is in recovery from an addiction will be warned to avoid specific places and things, but sometimes it can be hard to avoid certain people.

Keep in mind that not every personality type is going to be good for your recovery, regardless of what they say or how you feel about them. Your recovery is the most important step in your personal process, and it is completely acceptable to choose only the most supportive people until you’re ready to be around others.

The following are the suggested personalities to avoid during addiction recovery:

Present Users & Abusers

It’s no surprise that being around people who use substances can make it tough for someone to avoid temptations. In this case, consider staying away from friends who don’t support your journey, or friends who aren’t willing to enjoy a sober night with you.

In the case of substance abusers, it is possible for these groups to be very bad influences on a recovering addict. Often they will try to talk an individual into going to a party or testing their ability to “have just one”. These personalities either don’t understand someone’s goal to quit, or they are envious of their ability to do so.

The Negative Nancy

Some people just cannot help their negative personalities, and oftentimes you’ll notice that you feel down after just a few minutes of being around them.

These personalities are no help for a recovering addict, since they rarely see the positive in their accomplishments, let alone those of others. Avoid people with negative personalities, who may undermine your success or make you second guess your decisions.

Pay attention to how you feel when you’re around every individual, and use that information to choose who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

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The Mom Figure

Some people aren’t supportive enough, and some people go a little overboard. Personalities to avoid during addiction recovery include the mom figure whose excessive attention to you may actually harm more than help you.

It’s amazing to have close friends and family who care about you and your progress during recovery; however, having them care too much can be a problem as well.

As a recovering addict, it is your responsibility to get back out into the world as a functioning individual in society. Having someone who babies you and holds your hand too much is actually slowing down your individual growth in sobriety.

Not only will they try to make decisions for you, but they may also bring too much attention to your situation, which may discourage you as well.

The Critic

Even if you’ve managed to break a bad habit and stay sober for months or years, the critic will always find something else they think is wrong with you. Nothing is ever good enough, and this can often lead to a recovering addict feeling similar emotions.

Avoid the critic personality at all costs; chances are everyone else is already doing it, too.


Anyone who makes you feel negative or uncomfortable in any kind of way shouldn’t have a spot in your life regardless; however, if you’ve got friends or family that you can’t shake, these are the personalities to avoid during addiction recovery.

If you must, bring them back into your circle when you are confident enough in yourself that nothing can stop you. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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