New Year: How To Choose The Best Addiction Treatment Sponsor

Having a sponsor is critical to your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The level of support they can offer is why you must know how to choose a sponsor for addiction treatment.

With the new year just starting, it is important to plan ahead. A plan of action increases your chances of achieving sobriety and staying sober.

There is no pressure, but the longer you take to stop your addiction habits, the worse they become. Enrolling in addiction treatment is one way to stop it. However, if you have a sponsor, they can keep you motivated when things become difficult for you. With a sponsor, you have a greater chance of staying on the recovery path.

If you are unsure of how to find the right sponsor for your needs, there is no problem. We all learn every day, right? In this article, you will learn tips on picking the right addiction treatment sponsor.

Who is an Addiction Treatment Sponsor?


In simple terms, an addiction treatment sponsor is like a mentor or guide who has attained recovery from drugs or alcohol. He or she has worked through the recovery steps and no longer drinks or uses drugs.

Sponsors are senior members of 12-Step therapy groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). They have been in recovery, usually for a year or more.

Hence, they can help you navigate AA or NA membership or answer questions you may have about addiction treatment. They also work on the 12-steps with you and offer accountability. Besides these, you can also confide in your sponsor.

Typically, they understand you and can relate to what you are passing through. Thus, after meetings, you can go to them privately and ask questions you are not comfortable asking during the meeting.

How to Choose a Sponsor for Addiction Treatment

Having an addiction treatment sponsor during recovery is crucial for success. However, you need to choose one who is right for you. They act as support systems during recovery and should not be chosen randomly.

Choosing a sponsor is relatable to preparing for the new year. Among other goals you have for the new year, it is likely that you also want to attain sobriety. If you get the right one, you are one step closer to meeting one of your goals for the new year. Here are some tips on how to choose a sponsor for addiction treatment:

Interview Your Potential Sponsors

interview sponsor

To find the right addiction treatment sponsor, you may conduct interviews with potential sponsors you can choose from. This interview ensures that you end up selecting someone you are compatible with.

Compatibility between you and your sponsor can work together for the long term. Hence, you will not need to be changing sponsors now and then. This means you won’t have to deal with disruptions in your addiction treatment from time to time.

Choose an Experienced Sponsor

Experience is a critical quality a sponsor should have. If your sponsor does not have experience with addiction recovery, they will not be able to guide you successfully.

Hence, it is advised that you find someone who has worked in the 12-steps program for many years. They have to be confident in their sobriety and must have the skills needed to guide you.

Besides being sober for a long time, your sponsor must be active in the program. They must attend meetings regularly. They must also apply the 12-steps to their lives and be exemplary individuals.

Choose an Open-Minded Person

open minded

A good sponsor is someone who is always willing to share strategies that helped them attain sobriety with you. Typically, they recognize that people are different and that you may be in a different circumstance than they were during recovery. Therefore, they must not be judgemental or critical of your efforts. If they do this, they may damage your confidence and self-esteem.

Instead of being critical, good sponsors are open-minded. They understand you may be going through challenges in your life and encourage you to stay on track.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

While undergoing addiction treatment in Vancouver, you must have realistic expectations from your sponsors. A sponsor’s role in your treatment is to listen to you and give you emotional support. They are not therapists and cannot provide you with therapeutic advice. If you need such, you should see a trained therapist while remaining in contact with your sponsor.

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Your Sponsor Should Be Someone You Trust

One vital tip on how to choose a sponsor for addiction treatment is that you select an honest and trustworthy person. This is essential because you can’t be open with your thoughts if you consider a sponsor to be dishonest. If you don’t trust your sponsor, you will also find it hard to maintain a good relationship with them.

You may also find it hard to decipher if your sponsor is trustworthy or honest after your initial interactions with them. However, don’t hesitate to choose a new sponsor once you discover aspects you are not comfortable with.

Your Sponsor Must Give You Full Attention

full attention

While speaking to your sponsor, you should feel comfortable and confident. You should feel like your voice is being heard and that you are important. Your sponsor needs to be attentive to not just what you say but the things you don’t say. They need to understand you well enough to be able to give you good advice.

Avoid Romantic Distractions With Your Sponsor

In picking the right addiction treatment sponsor, you shouldn’t choose someone you can get romantically involved with. Heterosexuals should choose sponsors of the same sex. Gays should choose sponsors of the opposite sex. Your relationship with your sponsor can become intense.

If a romantic relationship develops between both of you, it can lead to potential problems. Such a relationship may prove to be a major risk factor and can trigger a relapse. Remain focused on your recovery and discard any romantic relationship with a sponsor.

Get Professional Help

You have learned some tips on how to choose a sponsor for addiction treatment. Your sponsor plays a critical role in your addiction recovery, but you have the biggest role to play in remaining sober. Remain committed to your treatment and work the 12-steps so you can have a successful recovery and a good future.

If you need guidance on choosing an addiction treatment sponsor or need help with your addiction recovery, we can provide further assistance. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs. Our expertise and addiction treatment services are designed to put you on the right path to recovery. Get in touch with us!

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