Here’s What To Expect During Addiction Treatment

Most addicts don’t know what to expect during addiction treatments, hence they refuse to get the treatments they need. It is okay to feel uneasy and nervous during your first drug addiction rehab. Even if this isn’t your first time, these feelings of nervousness may still come around. 

However, it is hugely important that you take the all-important first step to get addiction treatment. To ease any nervousness, you must know what to expect during addiction treatment.

There are several addiction treatment centres in Vancouver with the same standard routine. 

A typical addiction treatment process is one under professional supervision. As cases may differ, you may need medical support before starting the main routine in rehab. Others may need emotional support during their early days of recovery. Either way, you will need well-trained medical personnel to help during your addiction recovery process.

In this article, we will discuss the features of professional addiction treatment. Also, we will provide detailed information on what a typical day in rehab is like.

What To Expect During Your First Day of Addiction Treatment 

The process of addiction treatment follows a standard routine in all treatment centers. Below are basic things to expect on your first day of addiction treatment in Vancouver

The first stage of the addiction treatment process is the admission stage. It is the first and most crucial stage. Here, you start by taking an interview. You will provide the staff members with information that will help them draw out a treatment plan for you. Although this stage can be tiring and overwhelming, it is very essential.

During your interviews, there are segments that you will participate in. Each segment is to get specific information from you. The segments consist of the following:

Medical assessment

Prolonged drug use comes with physical and mental side effects. A medical personnel, be it a doctor or nurse, will conduct a physical examination on you. The examination is to ensure you are fit to go through the addiction treatment process.

Physiological analysis 

Physiological analysis 

A good number of people arrive at rehab with issues that are drug-related. A good addiction rehab center in Vancouver features facilities for physiological assessment. The physiological assessment, carried out by a therapist or psychiatrist, is to diagnose other disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, or anxiety.

A treatment plan

Drawing out a treatment plan is the final stage of your interview at the rehab. With the information from your medical and physiological assessment, a professional will craft out a treatment plan. This plan is essential to make your time in rehab a productive one.

Here, your addiction treatment expert will map out milestones you need to hit on the way to complete sobriety. Furthermore, this plan will be useful for keeping tabs on your progress during addiction treatment.

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What Happens During the Detox Process

Part of what to expect during addiction treatment includes the detox process. The first and major step in rehab after your initial assessment is detox. 

A detoxification process is one that completely removes alcohol or addictive substances from your body. This process is the most clinical part of the treatment that you will experience. During detox, individual experiences can vary. Some may find it difficult, others not as difficult. But this is dependent on the type of substance.

Imagine abusing a particular substance to the paling where your body system is already dependent on that substance. But before recovery can begin, the substance has to be completely absent in your body system. In a short while, your body has to adjust to not being dependent on that substance. This is what detox is all about. 

Depending on the intensity of the addiction, you may be gradually weaned off the substance. Or you may be instructed to stop using abruptly. Sometimes, the medical care provider may prescribe sedatives and other medication. 

A typical detoxification process can take days or a week. It depends on how long you have been using a substance. During this period, you will be given adequate support and proper medical attention. Here, the addiction treatment centre in Vancouver will be focused on helping you regain your strength. This way, you’ll be strong enough to take on the rest of your addiction treatment.

What to Expect During a Typical Day in a Rehab

Typical Day in a Rehab

After going through the detox process, you are now ready for rehab. The number of days you will spend in rehab can range from 30 to 90 days. Knowledge of what to expect during addiction treatment will be incomplete without info on how rehab works. So, here are the important details. 

Rehab doesn’t just focus on helping you overcome addiction. It also centers on developing new and healthy habits for you. 

Professional addiction treatment features a safe and supportive environment for quick recovery. It is organized and structured with therapies and activities that will help attain this goal.

All the routines and activities in the rehab are designed to help you manage drug abuse triggers. Below is what a typical daily procedure for drug rehab is like. 

Morning session

During morning sessions, be sure to have a sumptuous meal before you start your daily routine. Also, some addiction treatment centres in Vancouver offer yoga classes to help train and build your mind. 

After breakfast, there is a group session often led by a therapist or counsellor. The therapist will discuss topics related to addiction and how to manage the physiological strain that comes with it.

Afternoon session

Afternoon sessions are the most intensive of the sessions. Sure, you will get to rest in between morning and afternoon sessions. At noon, after lunch, you may engage in a series of therapeutic sessions. They include:

Individual therapy 

This particular therapy is solely between you and your therapist. You are free to open up to your therapist, communicating your concerns and fears. It allows your therapist to know your weaknesses and how to strengthen them.

One of the most common effective methods in addiction treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). During CBT sessions, your therapist identifies and sharpens your responses to certain triggers. After identifying them, they will help you develop newer and healthier responses to those triggers.

Group therapy 

Group therapy 

Most recovering addicts prefer this session to other sessions because it is the most interactive. During this session, you will all come together in a group, discussing your struggles with addiction. You will share stories and talk about personal addiction methods you tried before rehab. 

Group members even have a sense of trust for one another during their stay in rehab. This trust and sense of fellowship can even extend to a relationship outside the rehab. With benefits like this, it is easy to see that group therapy has proven to be an effective method for emotional healing.

Evening sessions 

Before bedtime, you may engage in a small group session. These small groups are typically for a 12-step program. A 12-step program is a common approach in the addiction treatment process. It centers on equipping patients with long-standing sobriety management tools.

The 12-step plan is to create a community of people who trust and understand each other’s differences. You will also get to meet your sponsor and people who have passed through the process — giving you the motivation you need.  A good night’s rest is important for maximum participation during the day. Hence, bedtime at a reasonable hour is recommended.

To Wrap It Up

Knowing what to expect during addiction treatments will prepare you mentally for the addiction treatment process. In this article, we emphasize the need for a detox process. More importantly, we discuss what a typical day in drug rehab should look like. 

Additionally, we do not underemphasize the need for professional services during this period. Due to the side effects of withdrawal, it is hugely recommended that you attempt quitting substance abuse with the help of experts. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.



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