Is Canada Drowning in Oxycontin Addiction? Looks Like the Truth Will Blow Your Mind!

Oxycontin Addiction

Canada is facing a deadly nemesis in the form of substance abuse. More and more Canadians are affected and the numbers are growing by the minute. One of the most pressing problems that people are grappling with, regardless of the age group, is oxycontin addiction. What is oxycontin and why is it adding to the pill-popping dilemma of most Canadians today?

Face-to-Face with Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin is the brand name of oxycodone which is a form or version of opioid. Opioid is a prescription drug and it is highly addictive. Thus, the incidence of oxycontin addiction is higher more than ever, especially in the Canadian communities. Substance abuse is increasingly problematic and opioid is on top of the list for the most commonly used and abused type of medication. The version of opioid called Oxycontin is a popular brand and contains numerous substances particularly morphine, opium, codeine, fentanyl, heroin, and Hydromorphone.

Oxycontin is not the only brand that contains the substance oxycodone because other brands including Percocet, Oxycocet, Endocet, and Percodan also have the same content. The semi-synthetic Oxycontin is basically utilized in the field of healthcare and medicine, especially for relief of acute pain due to surgery, injury, and disease.

Many Canadians fall into Oxycontin addiction simply because of its painkilling effects and the sense of relief that you feel every time it is administered. In previous years, Oxycontin is a popular drug of choice among physicians and is used to alleviate and manage pain in terminal ailments such as cancer. Nowadays, the drug is prescribed for almost all types of pain and the addiction to the drug has since become epidemic in Canada.

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Signs of Addiction to Oxycontin

Abuse and dependence on the painkiller, Oxycontin, have various effects to the user which may include pain relief, euphoria, vomiting, and respiratory depression. A person may also experience cough suppression, dry mouth, and constipation. Others who abuse the drug are susceptible to a sense of contentment and detachment from anything and anyone. Opioid dependents feel like they are free from any dissenting emotions.

The long-term effects of Oxycontin addiction are undoubtedly life-threatening and may lead to death when it goes out of control. Some of the bodily harms that are results of the oxycodone abuse include malfunctions of the brain, heart, liver, and lungs.

Treatment for Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin addiction is quite difficult to break and when the dependence has become increasingly high, the withdrawal could be excruciatingly difficult as well. Treatment programs and support from professional groups are vital in order to help the opioid addict put an end to his addiction. Treatment starts with proper facilitation of the withdrawal management program or the detoxification process. There is also aftercare support to prevent relapse.

The deadly grip of Oxycontin addiction in the very fiber of today’s Canadian society is quite difficult to tackle. The good news is that there are various drug rehab centers that are available for professional treatment and continuous support not just for the individual but the community as a whole. Call  Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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