Cocaine Addiction Treatment: Face to Face with the Biggest Problem in Canada

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a notorious drug that is popular in Canada and different parts of the world. Cocaine addiction treatment tops the chart for rehabilitation services in the country. Even with its present reputation, cocaine is not always harmful especially a few decades ago. The narcotic is a stimulant that makes individuals euphoric, energetic, and alert. With proper consumption and supervision, this drug can help boost the energy level of patients. However, with substance abuse, cocaine has various negative effects, making it an illegal drug in Canada today.

Cocaine Addiction up Close

Cocaine is a substance present in drink items such as carbonated soft drinks or regular food. Taking the narcotic stimulates and empowers a person, giving you the notion that you can take on difficult challenges and get great results. The addictive confidence you get from cocaine is one of the reasons why this drug is hard to resist. Pure cocaine is from coca bush, however, illegally synthetic forms are now available on the Canadian streets. You can mix cocaine with other dangerous chemicals to increase the effect and addiction level. However, consequences may be fatal such as cocaine overdose resulting in death.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Overview

Different rehab facilities offer varied treatment programs, depending on the individual patient. Inpatient setting is necessary for cocaine addicts especially in dealing with intense withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine addiction treatment aims to avoid relapse at all cost due to the high fatality rate when patients relapse, causing overdose and death in the process.

What to Expect During Treatment

The first step to cocaine addiction treatment is an assessment of the patient in coordination with the family. The evaluation of the patient includes determining the root cause of the addiction problem, the length and level of addiction, and the patient’s response to treatment. Professional therapists or counselors come up with a cocaine addiction treatment plan that is unique per patient because therapy is on a case-to-case basis.

Detox is an important phase in a cocaine addiction treatment program and it comes right after the assessment. The patient cannot immediately proceed to the treatment program without cleansing his system of the narcotics. Professional supervision is necessary during the detoxification process, especially with intense cases. The withdrawal symptoms are not only uncomfortable but for some, they are excruciatingly painful. The detox phase takes place in a controlled and safe environment where the patient receives round the clock monitoring.

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Inpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Upon completing the assessment and detox phase, the patient proceeds to the inpatient treatment program. It is the main step towards recovery with several programs and holistic approaches. The treatment process and intensity depend from one patient to another.

Here are some of the activities during cocaine addiction treatment:


There are three types of counseling namely, individual, group, and family. Inpatient residents receive personal and social support that is necessary for recovery from cocaine addiction.

Relapse Prevention and Management

The management program aims to help individuals learn the fundamental skills and mindset to prevent relapse in the future. The situation in the outside world without any structures and professional monitoring is more challenging and open to temptation. Patients learn how to cope with the pressure and emerge successfully.

Artistic Therapy

Music, art, and self-photography help the individual build awareness and keep their attention away from the cravings and temptations of cocaine. Engaging in recreational activities develops a stronger mind and body.

Cocaine addiction treatment saves lives especially when professional help comes earlier rather than later. Consult with a rehabilitation specialist if you or a loved one is suffering from cocaine abuse to get help or professional intervention. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.



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