Cocaine Addiction

cocaine stay in your system

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

The answer to how long does cocaine stay in your system is anywhere from 3-14 days. Cocaine and its metabolites will show up on a saliva or blood test up to two days after last use. Similarly, your urine will test positive for cocaine up

type of drug crack

What Type of Drug is Crack?

You may hear people use the word crack in discussions about drugs. But what kind of drug is crack? Is it dangerous? What are its effects? We will examine all the answers to these questions further down in this post. Crack is simply another form

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

How to Stay Sober after Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The question of how to stay sober after cocaine addiction treatment has many answers. We can liken the answer to a collection of pillars. These pillars are designed to hold up the house that is your sobriety from cocaine addiction. Just like a house, recovery

How Long Does Cocaine Remain in the System

How Long Does Cocaine Remain in the System?

Cocaine addiction is a situation that ushers in countless side effects. One fearful impact of this drug is the length of time cocaine can remain in the system. Also known as “Coke,” cocaine is a highly addictive drug from “coca” or prepared synthetically. No matter

Dangerous Cocaine Effects on Pregnancy

The cocaine effects on pregnancy are dangerous, both for the mother and child. The number of pregnant women taking this drug has been increasing at an alarming rate. There is a great need for more information to be available and added education as to the

You’ll See What Really Happened with Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most common and gravely abused street drugs in Canada. You’ll probably hear other street names associated with the drug including coke, crack, snow, C, blow, flake, and freebase. There are pure and synthetic types of crack, depending on the content