Canada Drugs: What are the Most Common Types of Illegal Drugs Used in Canada?

Most Common Types of Illegal Drugs

A lot of people think that the word ‘drug’ suggests illegal or illicit activities. These people are not aware that tobacco and alcohol are the most common types of drugs which are widely used by many young people not only in Canada but in many different parts of the world as well. But as far as popularity is concerned, the cannabis or marijuana happens to be the most widely-used kind of drug in the country today.

The Canadian government exerts much effort in addressing the use of illegal drugs and this include the creation and implementation of the National Anti-Drug Strategy which was launched in 2007. The strategy entails collaboration among the different departments of the government and stakeholder groups of the Canadian communities. The collaboration involves three action plans namely:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Law Enforcement

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To avoid offenses, it is important to have knowledge and understanding about the most common types of illegal drugs that are found and used in Canada today.


Generally, alcohol in beverages refers to ethanol or grain alcohol. When consumed, alcohol renders a depressing effect, decreasing the responses of a person’s central nervous system. When someone drinks alcohol real hard and has been doing it for a long time, he is then classified as an alcoholic. An alcoholic person continues to consume alcohol despite the negative social consequences and health problems taking place in his life.


Cannabis or marijuana is a flowering plant which is believed to have originated from the mountainous regions of the northern Himalayas. Otherwise known as weed, hemp or pot, cannabis is commonly used for smoking purposes. As a drug, cannabis usually comes in the form of resin or hashish, dried flowers or marijuana and various extracts or hash oil.

Smoking marijuana dates back to 3rd millennium BC but in the modern era, cannabis has become a drug that is used for recreational, medicinal and spiritual purposes. All over the world, about 162 million people make use of cannabis every year and 22.5 million people every day. In the early part of the 20th century the possession, sale and use of this psychoactive drug (cannabis products) was prohibited in almost all parts of the world.


Cocaine is a crystalline drug which is obtained from the coca plant leaves. When induced, it acts as a strong stimulant for the nervous system. It is also an appetite suppressant, creating a rush of euphoria, increased happiness and heightened energy levels.


Heroin is a semi-synthetic drug that is derived from morphine, a derivative of opium poppy. It is commonly used as pain killer and a recreational drug that’s highly potential for abuse and addiction.


This is a psychoactive drug which is classified as a stimulant, psychedelic, hallucinogen and empatjhogen-entactogen. It is a criminalized type of drug in most countries under the United Nations agreement.


This drug is used as a stimulant for the nervous system and an appetite suppressant. It is one of the fastest and most serious drug concerns among teens in Canada today. Crystal meth is popular because it can be made from chemicals that can be obtained legally. Call Inspire Change Drug Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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