Tips to Maintain Sobriety during Summer Months

Do you think it may be more challenging to maintain your addiction recovery during summer? You are not alone in those thoughts. Quite a number of people struggle with how to maintain sobriety during the summer. This is perfectly understandable as, during the summer, people suddenly become a lot more social. This means more barbecues, pool parties, beach trips, theme parks, and night outings. While all these certainly make avoiding relapse during summer a tad more demanding, it is achievable.

If you want to go through summer without succumbing to alcoholic drinks or drugs everywhere, it will take some extra effort. You will need to learn how to maintain sobriety during the summer. This involves knowing what it takes to achieve a safe summer living for addiction recovery. Then, you will need to practise all that you’ve learnt. Remember, we are not saying it will be smooth sailing all through. But, we will show you how addicts can cope during the summer and protect their addiction treatment.

Undoubtedly, you already know that your life is better without a dangerous substance like alcohol or illegal drugs. However, we understand that coming up with ideas on avoiding relapse during summer can be hard. We are here to help. In this article, you will discover comprehensive tips on protecting your addiction treatment and recovery when summer comes. Before we dive into how to help you maintain sobriety during summer, let us show you why it is necessary.

Sobriety during summer: Why It’s Important

Sobriety during summer
There is no doubt that summer is a beautiful time of the year, from the sunny days to the vacations, to the long lazy days and the outdoor fun. However, it can be a bit intimidating for people in alcohol recovery when they consider facing summer when everyone else may be drinking. First, we’d like to congratulate you as you’ve taken the first bold step by learning how to maintain sobriety during summer. As a means of encouragement, here are some reasons you must try your hardest to remain sober.

You may be saving your life

Relapses during addiction recovery can sometimes be life-threatening. Often, relapses result in an overdose of the substance and subsequent fatalities. Even if this does not happen, excess alcohol in your system may cause erratic behaviours, which can put you at risk. Not to mention the medically-related dangers of substance abuse. Protecting your life is the most important reason you want to stay sober, even during summer.

You will preserve your efforts

You already put so much effort into addiction treatment and recovery. Why throw all that down the drain for a few glasses of alcohol. Keeping the efforts, you put into getting and staying sober may strengthen your conviction to maintain sobriety.

You will save money

You will save money

Staying sober can save you a lot of money than drinking will. On average, a glass of wine costs around $12. A night out involving alcohol can easily set you back more than a hundred dollars. For other substances, the expenses are even higher. Furthermore, a momentary slip may mean more money in addiction treatment fees. So you see, practicing a safe summer living for addiction recovery is your best chance at saving more money.

Your family will enjoy having your around

Having some summer fun without substance abuse will not only be beneficial to you but also your family. They can have so much fun without having to keep an eye on you. Or worse, hide their wallets and other valuables. Also, they can enjoy your company without being worried about any friends you bring along.

You don’t have to wake with hangovers

Finally, without alcohol or drugs, you get rid of those troublesome hangovers. You can wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start your days. No more early morning painkillers or trying to sleep off painful headaches!

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Tips to Help You Maintain Sobriety during the summer

Now that we have been able to identify why sobriety during summertime is vital, let us press further. Let us look at how recovery addicts can cope during the summer. Keep reading to find out how to maintain your sobriety during summer.

Be gentle on yourself

Be gentle on yourself

This is essential during recovery. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself like you would someone dear to you. However, we are not saying that you should indulge in harmful acts. Instead, stay mindful of all you need and speak up for yourself. Always remain aware of your feelings, emotions and wants. Trust your instincts at all times.

Stay connected to your support lines

Isolation is toxic to anyone. For a recovering addict, it is even more dangerous. The fact that you do not drink or use substances does not mean you should become a recluse. Stay closely connected to your support groups and your sober friends. You may do this through online chats or physical meetings. Whichever means you choose, ensure that you stay. These people can relate to how you feel, and more importantly, they are having fun summers without drinking. Remember, you are not alone in this.

Always have a strategy at hand

When you do go out, whether alone or with a company, it is best if you always have a plan. Plan your movements and your possible exit plans if the need arises. It is usually good if you have access to your means of transportation to emergency exits are easier. Furthermore, plan a ready answer for anyone who offers you an opportunity to use. The classic ‘I don’t drink or use’ usually works fine. You do not owe them an explanation. However, make sure you are comfortable with whatever answer you give.

Be honest

Be honest

Honesty with others is crucial, but, self-honesty is even more critical. It is understandable if you struggle with how to maintain sobriety during summer. Or if you think it is impossible to have summer fun without drinks. Although this is not true, you must acknowledge these thoughts. Then, you need to talk to someone about how you feel. If you have a craving, let someone know immediately.

Bring your beverage

If you are attending a party in the summer, it is more than likely that there will be alcohol or drugs. Since you can be sure that there will be non-alcoholic beverages, it is best to bring your own. To make it easier, arrive with something for the host and then bring along your preferred drink. More importantly, people are less likely to offer you an alcoholic liquor if you already have your beverage in your hand.

Plan fun things to do

Plan fun things to do

Summertime is all about kicking back, relaxing and having fun. An essential part of your addiction treatment and recovery is to do these things. Plan fun things for yourself and your loved ones that are not centred on alcohol. Plan a hike or a trip to the beach. You can even host your non-alcoholic party or organize a barbeque. Anything is possible! Having something to look forward to will help to reduce your temptation to isolate or abuse substances.

Always put your sobriety first

Our final tip on how to maintain your sobriety during summer is to put your recovery first. You must prioritize your recovery about everything else. If you feel like activity will induce mental stress to use, decline it. If you are not comfortable at an event, try something else. There are so many other healthy choices out there. Nothing is worth risking your sobriety, nothing.

Bringing It All Together

Addiction treatment and recovery can be tasking, no doubt. Summertime can even put considerably more strain on your sobriety. But, you can get through it without a relapse. The above tips on how to maintain your sobriety during summer will help you along the way. Remember, avoiding a summertime relapse is not optional – it is a must. So put your mind to it. If you need to talk to an addiction expert, you can reach us here. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs. Have a safe and healthy summer!


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