Tips on How to Celebrate Your Sobriety

Little milestones look like they are not worthy of celebration. But achievement such as one month of being sober is already a massive accomplishment, and there is no reason to disregard it. Fighting addiction is a continuing struggle, and a significant portion of this is currently admitting that it is difficult.

For recovering addicts, it is extremely significant to discover new techniques to celebrate. Although a celebration without alcohol may not feel as meaningful initially, however, by honouring each and every important milestone, you gradually train yourself that you are able to celebrate sober. Avoiding them can open the way back to relapse.

Celebrating abstinence from alcohol is a huge part of the substance abuse healing and it enables you and your loved ones to discuss their joy on your achievement. So, if you are about to hit a milestone do not hesitate about whether you ought to have a party.

Sadly, a lot if not most parties often involve alcohol, thus requiring a little creativity in planning a sobriety celebration.  But on the other hand, there is no definite rule on how to celebrate these milestones, so it can be whatever you desire. If you are puzzled and uncertain on what to do, look over at these strategies for celebrating sobriety.

Think sobriety day as your birthday.

Choosing to remember and celebrate sobriety milestones is nothing new. Recovering addicts have been observing their sobriety milestones for years, with a few of the earliest references of a private sobriety memento which dates back into the mid-1940s and done by Clarence H. Snyder. Though it wasn’t a formal party, the memento was a reminder of their progress and development he experienced in healing.

Sobriety birthday can also be referred to as a sobriety anniversary, sobriety milestone, or recovery anniversary. It functions as a reminder of the improvement you have made. It may be the last day that you drank alcohol or it can be the day after your last use.

Or if you want, it may be the date which you entered an alcohol rehabilitation facility. It is only you who can decide what date will function as your sobriety birthday; the important thing is it bears a significant meaning to you.

As you know, relapse is part of healing, and it doesn’t imply that you fail. Should you choose to celebrate more than one sobriety birthday following relapse, it is up to you. Some people, celebrating more than one sobriety birthday will act as a reminder that healing and recovery is a constant and a lifetime process that is worth fighting for. Remember you are celebrating the birthday of the sober self.

Why celebrating your sobriety is important?

If you have never considered Celebrating sobriety anniversary or birthday, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider having one. A sobriety birthday will remind you to be humble. There are a lot of things that people have done that they were not proud of and you are not an exemption since nobody is perfect.

Whether you have been sober for a month or a year, you must remember that you did not get where you are on your own. A majority had a bunch of people supporting and providing counsel and encouragement on the way.

Your sobriety birthday should be a reminder that your success is not a manifestation of how great you are but rather a reflection of all the support and care that was poured unto you by those people who truly love and care for you.

Celebrating a sobriety birthday provides the chance for you to thank your coaches and friends. Your sobriety birthday is the perfect time if you haven’t thanked your coach or peers for their support.

Whether you merely say “thank you,” compose a letter or treat them out to dinner, it is important to acknowledge those who have helped you succeed in sobriety and that continue to do so every day. It would be unthinkable to celebrate your victories without celebrating with your mentors and peers since you would not be where you are without them.

It also reminds you of what it was like before and exactly what it looks like today. Looking back on those days when you were addicted helps you appreciate how far you have come. It is a reminder that you have made some remarkable progress emotionally, physically and, spiritually though healing was a slow and long process which needs persistent efforts. Looking back at these times will also remind you that everything is possible; that is it still possible to change even in the events that you think that there is no coming back.

A sobriety birthday invites us to reflect. Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect how you have grown and matured as a person, how your life has improved, the reasons why you continue to stay sober, and the aspirations you have for yourself.

Your sobriety anniversary or birthday is a good excuse to explore and discuss these things with your very best friend, your loved ones, your support team or your advisor. In doing this you might become a source of encouragement or a role model to somebody who is currently trying hard to keep their sobriety.

New you, new tradition.

Establishing a tradition may involve friends and family members, also it may be something that you take part in on your own; it may also be as plain or intricate as you enjoy. Pick something which is significant to you personally such as hiking in the woods or coordinating an event where family and friends will attend over the years. Creating tradition removes the strain of arranging a repeat party and gives you additional motivation to reach your subsequent milestones.

A new tradition may be having a private dinner. If you do not yet feel you are ready to have a huge get-together, go and have dinner with your loved ones or closest friends. Celebrations do not have to be flashy or large to have a true effect on your recovery. The key part is marking your own accomplishments. Even a month of being sober is worthy of celebration.

Spending time with family members, friends, or people close to you is among the simplest ways to celebrate would be to bring together people you know personally or have encouraged you. It’s possible to plan something as straightforward as a movie night or even a BBQ, or go all out and sponsor a pleasure, alcohol-free theme celebration. This occasion is a simple way to celebrate your recovery and deliver a message of thanks to people you value.

Celebrate by returning the favour to others.

In case the concept of a party that focuses on you makes you uneasy, you may give back to other people by volunteering in your town. Seeing the regional food bank, donating to a charity, or even engaging in a neighbourhood clean-up drive is a positive and rewarding way to spend time, and give the chance to feel honoured while serving as a reminder to provide support and aid to people around you.

Why not consider taking out for dinner one of your friends more so if they are also struggling with substance misuse problems of their own. Or treat the people who decided to stick with you through your journey to recovery.

You may also check other ways of giving back like running at a charity 5K or volunteering that day. There is no reason for you to keep that good feeling about yourself; why not spread it around you.

You may want to participate in recovery programs.

Participate by sharing the moment with individuals who can relate to your experiences. There are some recovery organizations that conduct a monthly or yearly sobriety celebration for its members. They might also have events, like meetings which are a good opportunity to listen from guest speakers. Becoming a member of an organization or attending these programs will not only function as a celebration but may help you maintain your sobriety as well by creating a network of support groups.

Celebrate sobriety one way or another. Regardless of how you wind up observing soberness, see to it that you do. Indulge yourself of something nice, surround yourself with family, create new traditions, and keep in mind why you decided to become sober. Then be sure to remind yourself that you can reach another milestone. It might be difficult, but you are going to get there, and also to celebrate sobriety yet again.

Treating yourself is most likely the simplest and easiest way to celebrate the day of your sobriety. Enroll at a dancing course, go on holiday, or simply take advantage of the chance to do something which you have been putting off for a long time. Now is the best time to enhance yourself and still find satisfaction. Reward yourself — you have made it!

Do not celebrate alone.

A significant portion of celebrating sobriety would be to change your reward practice. Though, this may also make parties quite hard for the recovering addict, and possibly cause relapses. So when you are planning to celebrate, be sure that you do it together with family members and friends, not just by yourself.

Please bear in mind that regardless of how it feels, you are not by yourself in your struggle with addiction. That means you should not need to celebrate on your own. Take pride in your accomplishments, and discuss them with somebody special.

Celebrate sobriety alcohol-free.

As the saying goes, in case you sit at a barbershop for too long, you will ultimately get a haircut. Even if you plan for an alcohol-free party, do not go celebrate somewhere that gives focus on alcohol. That does not only mean pubs — you may be amazed at a number of the areas that place a substantial emphasis on drinking.

If you are considering on observing soberness someplace you have not been before, be sure to check it out ahead to be certain it is suitable for your own gathering. Bowling could be a fantastic way to celebrate your milestone, but not when everybody around you is high or drunk. There are people who believe smoking marijuana before bowling may be enjoyable, but it is not. So stay clear from these surroundings.

Celebrate at your favourite theme park.

A lot of theme parks do not allow alcohol in any respect, and those which do need it to remain in very particular areas. And although theme parks can generally target children, there are lots of exciting things for adults also. Think about celebrating your soberness at locations that are considered among the top ten entertainment parks. There are also lots of winter sports like tobogganing, snowshoeing, and skiing. The point is that you need to feel awesome!

Not a fan of a theme park? Then pump up your adrenaline at a laser tag. There are some people where a theme park may be a little too much or overwhelming. If you wish to have the same fun as that in a theme park minus the hassle, look for laser tag areas near you.

Check out for themed restaurants as they may be an excellent option, particularly if they target children so most likely, they do not serve alcohol. Be aware, however, as a lot of these businesses that will cater to adults will have a deep emphasis on alcohol. Ensure to check out the area before you plan your session.

You may also consider having a picnic in the park. Parks are a terrific place to celebrate your milestone since most parks do not allow alcohol which means you don’t need to worry about being enticed. If you are fortunate to celebrate your sobriety during the good times of the year, then take it as a great excuse to go for a picnic.

If you are thinking about inviting plenty of people, you may also wish to have a potluck, then plan out the picnic beforehand. Remember that your invited guests will need to give ample time for your plan and they will need to think about what they are going to bring. And you will have to book several picnic benches in advance.

If you are a fan of sports, then why not enjoy a game?

As a sports enthusiast, you might want to catch some tickets. If previously, you used to drink a lot while watching sports, then this is a fantastic method to retake what you adore. Even though a lot of professional sporting areas permit the selling of alcohol but most of the college events do not.

So if you are concerned the temptation may be too much, think about visiting a school baseball game. You will have a lot of fun in a college basketball game, without needing to think of the booze.

Celebrate all day long.

Even if you have plans on how to celebrate, it does not need to be restricted to that planned time period. Go and have toast for breakfast as well as choose to have your lazy day. Think about your milestone much like a holiday. It ought to be treated as a holiday because it is and you earned it. The kind of hard work that you’ve exhibited deserves a bit more than the hour or two of pleasure.

Do not count calories, so eat whatever you desire. When celebrating your soberness, it is not the time to count calories. Much like as a lot of people throw away their diet plan for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you must not be stressing about exactly how many calories have been in your dessert course.

Think of it as your benefit for your hard endeavour, so eat as you please this day. If you go outside, be sure to purchase something sinfully sweet. There is no reason anyone should need to celebrate with no sweets.

Why do you need to be celebrating your sobriety anniversary or birthday? Marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancies are just some examples of life events that a lot of people celebrate frequently. All of these life events have something in common; they represent personal advancement and growth, which can be something to be appreciative of.

If you are currently under an alcohol rehabilitation system or transitional housing program, then your sobriety anniversary or birthday ought to be included in one of the annual life events that you should observe. This date conveys meaning and goal, and it is important to understand that as you continue with your life after recovery.

Trying to maintain sobriety outside of therapy can pose a great challenge. Transitioning back to the daily patterns and routines, most recovered addicts face a lot of temptations they don’t need to address with for a substantial amount of time during treatment.

Nevertheless, it is important to stay positive and recognize the strength and resiliency a person has demonstrated by every sobriety milestone. Whether this sobriety is measured in years, months, weeks, or even just days, there are lots of ways to acknowledge the accomplishments of an individual trying to stay sober.

Celebrate Recovery

What to Do After Rehab

So, you have completed your rehabilitation program for a substance addiction, and you’re ready to embrace sobriety out in the big, wide world. Don’t be alarmed if you’re scared at first—or even if you’re still scared months later.

You’ve got a long road ahead of you, but it is incomparably worth all of the effort to enjoy a healthier, clearer and fuller life. If you’ve just finished your rehabilitation program and you’re heading back into the real world, you may be wondering what’s next.

In order to help you succeed and make the most of your newfound sobriety, consider the following suggestions to figure out what to do after rehab.

Establish Your Circle

It won’t take you long to recognize who will be supportive of your journey, and who will be more harmful than helpful. There is no problem with shrinking your social circle when cravings may be high; the right people will remind you of how far you’ve come, and work diligently to keep any potential triggers far from your senses.

Maintain Your Follow-Ups

Even if you feel like you’ve got total control of your temptations, that doesn’t mean you should stop going to follow-ups or meetings. These systems are in place for a reason, and you may regret cancelling them after the fact.

Follow-ups are ideal for all kinds of things, including goal-setting, talking through problems unconnected to substance and strengthening present skills. There is no reason to feel like you’re not progressing just because you are still attending meetings; these are smart toold to keep you on track.


Sobriety is a long journey, and each day should be filled with little achievements and celebrations to keep you focused. Of course, instead of celebrating with drinks or drugs, you’ll be having small celebrations like going for a hike or trying out the bakery down the street.

Surprisingly, there are all kinds of rewarding ways to treat yourself that have nothing to do with substance use. Meet a friend for an art class or plant something you love in your garden—the options are endless to celebrate your ongoing sobriety.

Sober Activities

Sober Activities to Enjoy in the Summer

Sober Activities: The summer season is the perfect time for going to the beach, seeing concerts and socializing at backyard parties. Most people love the warmer season, because it means a more relaxing time with friends and indulging in delicious foods and beverages.

However, the summertime is often linked with heavier alcohol consumption, which can make this time of the year difficult for some people. Individuals who are approaching an alcohol addiction, alcoholics, those trying to quit and those recovering from addiction may struggle to stay clean during the summer, since triggers and temptations seem to increase drastically.

Fortunately, it is not a necessity to drink during the summer, and there are all kinds of ways for individuals to avoid their triggers. To get some ideas for the upcoming warmer months, the following are some ideal sober activities to enjoy in the summer.


One of the most rewarding sober activities to enjoy in the summer, is the act of volunteering. There are all kinds of options to choose from, and lots of organizations that are constantly seeking the help of others.

Do some research ahead of time, and look for volunteer opportunities in some of the fields that interest you. Whether it’s helping out at a veterinary clinic or spending time with seniors, there will be lots of options in your community.


Head into the great outdoors and begin to hone your appreciation for mother nature. Camping is a perfect way to spend a weekend with friends, away from all of the social media and traffic that often add stress to our days.

Even if you’ve never done it before, consider borrowing some equipment and heading a few miles outside of your town. You’d be amazed what a clear night and a good campfire can do for you.

Try a New Hobby

Get your creative juices flowing and try something you’ve never done before. This might be something relaxing like painting, gardening or yoga, or it might be something more intense like picking up a new sport.

Whatever it is, finding new hobbies is a great way to meet new people, and to avoid the common triggers associated with summer parties and gatherings.


Have you ever really taken the time to appreciate the town you live in? If you haven’t, consider spending some time visiting all of the must-see spots, or hiking the trails you’ve never had time for.

If you know your city well, consider traveling further away for a weekend or week-long getaway. You can do a solo trip, or invite along some friends for the ride. Try to go somewhere you’ve never been before, and set up some activities ahead of time so you’ve always got something to do.

Join A League

Sports are some of the best sober activities to enjoy in the summer. Not only will you be working on your fitness and staying healthy, but depending on the sport you can also enjoy the warmer weather by playing outside.

Joining a league will also introduce you to like-minded people, and help you to find new hobbies that are far more beneficial than drinking or using drugs.

If you’re worried about the summertime and your sobriety, there is no need to panic. There are all kinds of sober activities to enjoy in the summer that will keep you focused, while also having fun. Invite some friends along and enjoy the warmer months without a hitch.