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Tips to Maintain Sobriety during Summer Months

Do you think it may be more challenging to maintain your addiction recovery during summer? You are not alone in those thoughts. Quite a number of people struggle with how to maintain sobriety during the summer. This is perfectly understandable as, during the summer, people

How to Stay Sober After Addiction Treatment in Vancouver

After addiction treatment in Vancouver, a lot of people become worried about how to stay sober. Understandably, the prospect of trying to stay sober and avoid addiction relapse can be a scary one. However, with the right tips and a certain level of determination, you

Benefits of Staying in a Sober Living Home

Staying in a sober living home is a good option for those who have just completed their addiction rehab program. During your stay in the rehabilitation centre, you were given the opportunity to learn various skills that will help you to stay sober.  Being in

Tips on How to Celebrate Your Sobriety

Little milestones look like they are not worthy of celebration. But achievement such as one month of being sober is already a massive accomplishment, and there is no reason to disregard it. Fighting addiction is a continuing struggle, and a significant portion of this is

Celebrate Recovery

What to Do After Rehab

So, you have completed your rehabilitation program for a substance addiction, and you’re ready to embrace sobriety out in the big, wide world. Don’t be alarmed if you’re scared at first—or even if you’re still scared months later. You’ve got a long road ahead of

Sober Activities

Sober Activities to Enjoy in the Summer

Sober Activities: The summer season is the perfect time for going to the beach, seeing concerts and socializing at backyard parties. Most people love the warmer season, because it means a more relaxing time with friends and indulging in delicious foods and beverages. However, the

Celebrate Sobriety

Best Ways to Celebrate Sobriety

Celebrate Sobriety Whether you’ve been fighting an addiction for a few months or many years, after working so hard to become clean, it’s a great idea to celebrate that enormous achievement. It might be your first month sober, or your tenth year being sober, but