How Much Does Addiction Rehab Cost in British Columbia?

The cost of addiction rehab in British can cost a small fortune. However, in most cases, it’s a necessary stepping stone to a lifetime of sobriety. 

For many people, especially those who have spent a long time using drugs, addiction treatment can come with severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Hence, there’s a need to have professionals around to ensure a quicker abs more effective recovery process. Starting from the detox process to behavioural therapy and counselling, it’s better to work hand in hand with professionals. 

Addiction rehab centres in British Columbia ensure your addiction recovery happens in a controlled environment. However, the cost of addiction rehab varies between centres. Some centres offer better amenities than other centres do. Clearly, these centres will give you a higher cost estimate for their addiction rehab programs.  

In the same vein, some rehab programs take longer and are more expensive than others. So, the type of rehab program also affects the cost of addiction rehab treatment too. 

There are different degrees of addictions, each degree with a different mode of treatment. Some degrees of addiction may require in-patient rehab programs. For others, outpatient rehab programs or detoxification programs may be enough to ensure a life of sobriety. 

In short, different factors affect the cost of addiction rehab centres. In this article, we shall discuss how much you can expect to pay for the best addiction rehab services. Here are the important details!

The Cost of Addiction Rehab in British Columbia

The cost of addiction rehab in British Columbia ranges from $1000 to $12250 depending on several factors. Averagely, most rehab programs take around 30 days to 90 days. This timeline is a major factor that determines the cost of addiction rehab.

Sadly the decision of how long rehab will take is out of your hands. Depending on the degree of addiction, you may have to spend more days enrolled in an addiction rehab program. Most rehab services in British Columbia charge you $250 to $800 per day.

Addiction Rehab in British Columbia

Type of addiction treatments

There are different types of addiction treatment programs, each of which works for different people. Below, we shall discuss the different types of addiction treatments and how they affect the cost of addiction rehab.

Medical detox

Before any addiction treatment, most addiction services carry out a medical detox on addicts. Medical detox is the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. During medical detox, the addictive substance is medically removed from your body. 

Most times, when people decide to quit an addiction, they experience severe symptoms because of substance residue in their system.

It is why we advise addicts to go for medical detox before commencing other addiction treatment programs. 

Medical detox adds to the billing and cost of addiction rehab. You can expect to pay between $1000 to $1500 for professional medical detox.


When discussing the price for addiction rehab in British Columbia, we always discuss in-patient programs. An in-patient addiction program is the most common type of addiction rehab program.

With in-patient programs, addicts move into the rehab facility and are under close 24/7 supervision. The environment is structured to ensure you do only recover quickly but you adopt new habits. Some new habits will include:

  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Taking journals
  • Learning new skills
  • Yoga and exercising

A typical day in rehab is one well-structured with lots of therapy and individuals counselling sessions to help you recover quickly. As you can expect, in-patient programs will affect the cost of addiction rehab services. 

However, it is critical to know that some people spend 30 days at in-patient rehab and others can spend more. This will in turn affect the cost too.

The cost of most 30-day in-patient rehab programs ranges from $6000 to $20000. However, for long-term addiction rehab programs, you can expect to spend up to $60000.

Out-patient program

Out-patient programs are not as intense as in-patient addiction treatment services. Unlike in-patient rehab programs, you can continue your daily activities while simultaneously getting addiction treatments.

However, studies have shown that outpatient programs are not as effective as in-patients programs. According to the NCBI, In-patient rehab programs help you to better recognize your triggers and avoid them during recovery. This is not the case with out-patient programs as you still experience exposure to possible relapse triggers. 

Clearly, the pricing for out-patient addiction rehab will not be as high as in-patient programs. The cost of out-patient program ranges from $5000 to $10000 depending on the frequency of visitation.


Some addictions do not require medication while some do. If your doctor emphasizes the need for medication, you will have to factor in the cost alongside other addiction programs. Averagely, the cost of medication for addiction rehab ranges from $3000 to $5000.


Not all addiction rehabs have the same amenities and facilities. Some have more facilities than others. Some common amenities to expect from a rehab centre include:

  • Group recovery meetings
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Drug counselling that includes drug testing
  • Animal psychology
  • Animal associated therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Psychodrama
  • Massage therapy

The more of these facilities a rehab centre can offer, the higher the cost of addiction rehab. While it’s always best to get the best addiction rehab facilities, you should exercise restraint if you’re working with a budget.

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Type of Rehabilitation Centre

Typically, patients can choose from either government-funded rehabilitation centres or privately owned centres. Both offer great service but differ in the therapies and types of programs they offer.

Government-funded rehab

Government rehabs offer great services and therapies. The government also employs professionals to ensure you get the best possible addiction treatment. For this reason, government-funded rehab is a better option if you cannot afford privately owned rehab.

Government-funded rehabs offer you a “one-size-fits-all” service. They do not personalize services for individuals to quicken their recovery. In addition, they do not completely offer after-care services.

Privately owned

Unlike government-funded rehabs, privately owned rehabs do not offer one-size-fits-all” services. Instead, they personalize services for individuals which increases your chances of recovery.

Clearly, privately owned rehab will cost higher. If by any chance you will be enrolling for rehab at a private rehab, be ready to spend extra bucks.


Frequently Asked Questions on Addiction rehab in British Columbia

Below are answers to common questions about addiction rehab in British Columbia:

Does my insurance cover my addiction treatment?

Yes, it does. However, this is dependent on your type of insurance policies. Some insurance policies only offer coverage for some addiction rehab facilities while leaving out the others.

Are there other methods to pay for addiction treatments?

Yes, there are. You can pay for addiction treatments by insurance, medicare, Medicaid and self-financed self-health insurance.

Can I take my electronic gadgets to rehab?

Most addiction rehab programs do not allow for electronic gadgets during the process. All they can do is keep your gadgets till you will be leaving. If there is a need to make a call, they will readily allow you.

Do I need to come with money or debit cards to rehab?

Depending on the type of addiction program, some rehabs allow for cash transactions. But there will not be a need for debit cards.

Can I take prescribed medication to rehab?

If you will be taking your medications to rehab, you will inform the doctors first. They will review your medication and tell you if they’re necessary for your recovery. Most times, rehabs do not allow narcotic medications, vitamin bottles and opened pills.

What kind of clothing do I take to rehab? 

Usually, most rehab centres will provide you with a list of approved clothing for your treatment. Often, a few appropriate clothing like pants, sleepwear and swimwear is allowed.

Can I keep my job while I go to rehab?

It depends on the type of addiction treatment program. For in-patient addiction where you will be under close supervision, you may need to go on leave for the time. For out-patient programs, you can still keep your job and receive treatments.

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The Cost of Addiction Rehab is Affordable

The cost of addiction rehab is worth it after all. In addiction rehab centres, you are under professional supervision and care. There are doctors and nurses to ensure you do not experience severe withdrawal symptoms. If you do, they manage it properly and prevent further recurrence.

Rehabs also offer services like group therapy and individual counselling therapy. Also, they offer services like meditation and yoga to develops skills necessary for long-term sobriety.

However, all of these come with associated costs. The cost of addiction rehab varies by service. In-patient services cost more than out-patient services. Likewise, privately owned rehab cost more than government-funded rehabs.

Do not let the cost of addiction rehab deter you from living a normal life again. You still can get the best addiction treatment services in British Columbia. For affordable addiction rehab services, speak to any of our experts at Inspire Wellness Therapy Centre

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