A lot of individuals ask this question, “Is addiction a disease?”  Studies confirm that the response is “Yes.” So, if addiction is a disease, what can be done about it? Discover why drug dependence and addiction falls within that category. The Way the Brain Functions Our brain comes with many distinct segments, and every one of those segments has significant responsibilities.  The principal areas of our brain would be the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.
There are few things more painful than seeing someone you care about battle with addiction.  Thinking about ways to get someone in rehabilitation against their will could be intimidating and frightening.  It is important to not forget that your actions come from a place of love. Assisting your loved one to the healing process is instilling an optimistic yet potentially life-threatening shift. That’s why you have to know how to help your loved one get

Why Quitting Marijuana is Best for You?

Posted by Argie on February 14, 2019

If you smoke weed regularly and heavily, it is probably time that you have to be honest with yourself that some things in your life are miserable because of marijuana. These things admittedly could almost immediately change only if you just stop smoking. While marijuana is not the most dangerous drug in the world, it does present some highly damaging effects on some people. If you struggle with your issues, it could be worth looking
Addictions in Canada has tremendous effects on the person and the Canadian society as a whole. Find the best treatments available for a fresh start to life.   Drug addictions in Canada become a gripping issue in the country with an increasingly growing number of addicts and drug dependents shocking the country. In the broadest sense, substance abuse is the misuse or overuse of medications such as prescription drugs, alcohol, illegal drugs, and over-the-counter preparations. The dangerous use of different substance affects the life of an individual such as
Prescription Drug Abuse
Prescription drug abuse brings out the worse in people. Canada is advocating and pushing the end of addiction to prescription drugs through effective treatment initiatives.    Prescription drug abuse is one of the substance abuse and addiction problems in Canada and the figures are not getting smaller. Prescription drug addiction and dependence has affected Canadians in different age and economic groups. As long as you are taking a medicine or drug, not for medicinal purposes or what the doctor prescribed the drug for, then you are abusing