Signs of Alcoholism

The Five Common Signs of Alcoholism: Top Five Redflags You Should Know 


Alcohol is currently the world’s third-leading cause of global problems such as diseases and injuries. Not to mention the social and psychological impact this kind of problem can cause in the life of an alcoholic. Because of this massive global burden, alcohol rehabilitation exists.   In Canada, alcohol is considered a socially-accepted type of drink and has become an important part of many Canadians’ daily routine. Surprisingly, about 80% of Canadians drink and

Colossal Effects of Substance Abuse Unfold

You’ll See the Colossal Effects of Substance Abuse Unfold


Substance abuse is one of the most pressing issues in today’s world that affects people in different age groups, economic status, and gender. It refers to the hazardous and improper use of both prescription and illegal drugs as they are being used for non-medical purposes. The abuse of these drugs and substances has to encompass effects on a person from physiological to the way that person acts, feels, and thinks through attacking the nervous system functions. Drug abuse leads to addiction and physical dependence and

Treating Gambling Addiction

Treating Gambling Addiction Through Canadian Gambling Addiction Centers


What is gambling addiction?  When one is addicted to gambling then he is more likely to be suffering from a condition called gambling addiction or problem gambling. It is a kind of behavior which causes different kinds of disruptions in various areas of life: social, psychological, physical or vocational. Compulsive or pathological gambling is a level of addiction which is characterized by expanding preoccupation with different sorts of gambling acts. It also denotes the


Cocaine: The Surprising Facts that You Need to Know About 


What is cocaine ?

Cocaine refers to an addictive stimulant drug with powerful effects on people, depending on the dosage you take. It was produced from the leaves of the South American native coca plant. The drug is a valid medical remedy that is mainly used as local surgical anesthesia, however, it is also considered an illegal drug. It basically looks like crystal powder with white

facts about week

Weed: These Facts and Myths Will Absolutely Blow your Mind


Weed, cannabis, marijuana are just a few of the names you know about this polarizing topic in the world of drugs and medicine. The debates about the helpful and destructive effects of cannabis are getting hotter even more. It helps to know some of the myths and truths that have engulfed the topic that is weed.   Weed Myths and Truths Revealed  Whether you are for or against the use of marijuana, there are essential things to

What are the Potential Effects of Crack/Cocaine Addiction to the Body?

What are the Potential Effects of Crack/Cocaine Addiction to the Body?


Cocaine is one of the most prohibited drugs not only in Canada but in all parts of the world as well. While South America and the United States outrun all other countries, Canada has also gotten its share in the use and sale of this prohibited drug.  What is Cocaine?  Cocaine may not be a new thing to you as this drug is commonly branded as one of the most prohibited drugs