Drug abuse is a serious and rampant problem in Canada that needs immediate attention and initiatives from the Canadian government. The harmful and illegal use of substances particularly illicit and prescription drugs not only affects the user but the society as a whole. Organizations such as the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Illness are just a few of the treatment facilities that tackle this ongoing social and healthcare
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is the largest accredited facility in Canada that serves as an addiction and mental health teaching hospital. CAMH is also one of the top research centers not just in the country but on a global scale, specializing in the fields of mental health and addiction.  The institute uses a wide array of systems and combines them in their operations of research, education, clinical care, health promotion, and policy
Addiction and substance abuse lead to numerous physiological and psychological consequences as withdrawal from these substances do. There are different withdrawal symptoms, depending on the substance and the level of abuse that a person is grappling with. The good news is that there is also a wide assortment of ways how to get help and treatment for total medical detox. Withdrawal and medical detox programs offer clients the setting and solution they need in order
Drinking alcohol is enjoyable at first before the continuous hangovers take over. The advantages of quitting significantly outmatch the advantages of drinking. Quitting alcohol may seem impossible. It is particularly hard for people who are already addicted to it. In many cases, the alcoholic believes that there is absolutely no point in life without alcohol. As a result, they still continue to drink despite all the negative impacts it has on their life. A lot
“Relapse is part of recovery.” This statement is what people in rehabilitation centers and AA meetings hear very often. This statement is very dangerous. Why? Most people think that since it is part of your recovery and it is something that’s inevitable, it is okay to indulge when relapse happens. It isn’t okay, and it will never be. This will put everything you gave up, worked for, and the ones you love at higher risk