It’s essential to know the questions to ask before choosing an addiction treatment centre. In fact, the first step to addiction recovery is knowing how to choose an addiction treatment centre. Getting treatment from the best available addiction treatment service in Vancouver will determine how well recovery goes. As a result, it is crucial that you take the time to consider your options and make the right choice.  Accepting the fact that you have substance
In Canada today, addiction to prescription drugs is increasing at an alarming rate. Yes, people abuse prescription drugs too. Even worse, more often than not, such action leads to a dependence on the drug. According to world statistics, about 10% of people who are given prescription drugs as medication will eventually become addicted to the drug. This number also holds in Canada. The reasons people abuse these drugs are numerous. However, this behaviour puts them
Typically, the withdrawal process for Amphetamine consists of several stages. This means there is a lot to expect during Amphetamine Withdrawal. By a lot, we are referring to the symptoms. The symptoms you may experience while undergoing withdrawal from any drug depend on personal factors and the medication you take. Examples of such individual factors include your metabolism and genetics. Also, withdrawal problems can begin within a few hours of your last use of the
Many people don’t know what to expect during cocaine withdrawal. This is entirely normal. After all, odds are that it’s a process you haven’t undergone before. However, one thing that brings a silver lining of ease is the fact that the withdrawal process for cocaine does not take as much physical toll compared to other substances. Generally, withdrawal is known to be a challenging process. For starters, it comes with loads of both physical and
maintain sobriety
Do you think it may be more challenging to maintain your addiction recovery during summer? You are not alone in those thoughts. Quite a number of people struggle with how to maintain sobriety during the summer. This is perfectly understandable as, during the summer, people suddenly become a lot more social. This means more barbecues, pool parties, beach trips, theme parks, and night outings. While all these certainly make avoiding relapse during summer a tad