Addictions Canada: The Reason Why Is Tremendously Disturbing 

Addictions in Canada has tremendous effects on the person and the Canadian society as a whole. Find the best treatments available for a fresh start to life.  

Drug addictions in Canada become a gripping issue in the country with an increasingly growing number of addicts and drug dependents shocking the country. In the broadest sense, substance abuse is the misuse or overuse of medications such as prescription drugs, alcohol, illegal drugs, and over-the-counter preparations. The dangerous use of different substance affects the life of an individual such as work or school performance, relationships and commitments, and even this brushings with the law. 


Drug addictions in Canada by the Numbers  

Addiction refers to the psychological dependence of an individual on the substance and using it is deemed important for social functioning. It could also refer to physiological dependence such as health problems, withdrawal symptoms, and the increased tolerance to the drug or substance of choice. According to the Mental Illness and Addiction in Canada book, there are statistical data that are just too disturbing to ignore.   

In terms of alcohol, 13.6% of Canadians are high-risk drinkers while 20% of current Canadian drinkers report that they caused harm to themselves due to alcohol intake. Thirty-three percent of these drinkers confirmed that they were harmed by someone who has been drinking. The most common health problem of heavy drinkers is depression while there are 365 babies in Canada who are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on an annual basis.   

The annual productivity losses that have been reported in Canada because of legal substance abuse reached a total of $11.8 billion. The figure is 1.7% of the total GNP or Gross National Product. Canada suffers a yearly economic loss of $18.6 billion due to substance abuse that occurs in the workplace.  

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Addiction Canada Rehab Facility 

 The Canadian government has taken numerous measures and initiatives in order to address the growing problem of substance abuse and addiction in the country. There are private organizations that offer rehab facilities and treatment programs such as Addiction Canada. These are facilities that provide confidential and structured programs for their inpatient clients with the perfect setting that is conducive to recovery and treatment. You can also find government-funded rehab centers that are usually community-based.  


Drug Rehab and Interventions 

An intervention is a venue where the client gets to decide if he needs help or otherwise. It is not as dramatic and intense as the ones you usually see on reality television. Today’s intervention specialists act as a mediator between the substance dependent and his road towards treatment and recovery. The intervention process interrupts the use and abuse of the substance through offering an alternative for a healthier and drug-free life. Remember that a person could get intervention even without hitting rock bottom or becoming physically and emotionally wrecked. Intervention makes a person go back to reality through non-judgmental and caring support. 

The reality about Addictions Canada is not that pleasant and it is staring everyone to the face. Canada is up for an enormous challenge with the proliferation of substance abuse and addiction among Canadian youths and adults. The good news is that there are also aggressive initiatives that are taken in order to combat this personal and social conundrum once and for all. Call Inspire Change Addiction Rehab in Vancouver for addiction treatment programs.

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