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Cold Weather Affect on Addiction Recovery

Does The Cold Weather Affect Addiction Recovery?

Welcome again to that time of the year when things become cold, slow, icy, and there are many festivities. The time when you hope the cold weather will not affect your addiction recovery. Understandably, you have these worries and you’re afraid that you won’t last the winter without relapsing.  To

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How Getting Outdoors Can Boost Addiction Recovery

With the advancement in technology, spending time outdoors is slowly becoming a rare occurrence. But, if you’re going through addiction recovery treatment, you’ll need to go out more. Simply walking your dog or jogging are good ways to boost addiction recovery outdoors.  Although you may not always feel like being

Addiction Recovery checklist

The Ultimate Checklist for Wellness During Addiction Recovery

Having a checklist for wellness during addiction recovery will convince you to seek treatment. Addiction is not a good state to be in, and we understand your struggles. We understand the feeling of solitude that comes with it. But you are not alone. We understand the mental and psychological struggle

Addiction Recovery

Things to Avoid During Addiction Recovery

Anyone who has made it to the recovery stage of a drug or alcohol addiction has a lot to be proud of. Having recognized their dependency and taken the time and dedication to become clean, the last thing anyone wants is for that person to experience a relapse. During recovery,