Alcohol Treatment

Ways to Help a Recovering Addict


Help a Recovering Addict

Substance abuse is a continuous and serious problem for Canadians. Meny people are dealing with substance dependencies all over the country, and as a result, many people are directly affected by their struggles. Whether you’re a friend, family member or acquaintance of an individual who has experienced substance addiction, you’d be surprised how helpful or harmful even the simplest of actions can be. If you’re in the presence of a

How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs


There are many important conversations to be had between parents and their children. Some discussions will be matters of good manners and grades, while others will be about making good decisions and staying safe. It is important to know how to talk to your kids about drugs; the earlier you do it, the better. Meny young adults are exposed to different substances much earlier than their parents or guardians are aware, and those adolescents who

Addiction Detox

Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Rehab Centres


Inpatient Addiction Rehab Centres

Individuals who struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs are often admitted to a rehabilitation center, in order to receive treatment help. Treatment Centres are meant to provide individuals with the tools and programs that will hopefully lead to them on their way to an addiction-free life. There are two main types of addiction treatment Centres: Inpatient and outpatient. Some Centres will offer both of these services, while others may


How Does Someone Become an Alcoholic?


There is no one description that exemplifies what an alcoholic looks like. People of all ages have the potential to become alcohol dependent, regardless of where they live, what job they have or who they know. Every alcoholic’s experience looks different; the main focus might be the same, but each person does it for different reasons and in different ways. You may not even know that someone you’re very close with is struggling with

stop Marijuana

Top Benefits of Quitting Marijuana


Meny individuals who use marijuana assume that they will not become addicted to it; however, marijuana is in fact very addictive and has the ability to cause serious withdrawal symptoms and cravings. For individuals who are trying to kick their habit of using weed, it is helpful to know that the list of benefits for quitting is long. Meny people express a great satisfaction with quitting marijuana use, and what they have gained from

Treatments for Methadone Addiction

What are the Treatments for Methadone Addiction?


Methadone is a man-made opioid, that is commonly used to treat addictions to other opioids, such as morphine and heroin. When used properly, methadone works to target the brain and spinal cord, blocking the “high” that is felt when using other opioids. It is also responsible for blocking the painful experiences of withdrawals and cravings. If taken for long periods of time, methadone can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and has the