Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment
There are many differences when it comes to the ways that men and women experience addiction. These differences include why they begin to use, how they cope and what it does to their bodies. With so many distinctions between females and males, it only makes sense that gender-specific treatment for addiction would have the potential to benefit men and women in different ways. If you or someone you know is considering taking part in gender-specific
Mental Health
The varying effects of substance abuse have the ability to mimic mental illnesses, making them difficult to differentiate from pre-existing mental illness issues. Some individuals who are abusing drugs or alcohol may already have a pre-existing mental illness, which only surfaces as a result of substance abuse. In saying that, it is possible to show signs of mental illness as a direct result of substance abuse, and this condition is referred to as “substance-induced mental
As one of the most powerful drugs on the market, fentanyl has certainly made a name for itself. Unfortunately, for many people, that name is a very dangerous, very addictive one. Not everyone understands what they are subjecting themselves to, when they decide to use fentanyl recreationally. The death toll caused by opioid overdose, and this drug in particular, are a growing problem across Canada. It may be helpful for people to understand just what
Alcohol Affects Spousal Relationships
As one of the most common addictions across the globe, alcoholism effects the lives of many. Unfortunately, it is not just the lives of addicts who are affected. Families, friends and loved ones also suffer when an addict loses control, and the uphill battle to regain what has been lost can take a very long time, if the relationships ever recover at all. For those closest to alcoholics, including partners and spouses, the challenges of
Celebrate Sobriety
Celebrate Sobriety Whether you’ve been fighting an addiction for a few months or many years, after working so hard to become clean, it’s a great idea to celebrate that enormous achievement. It might be your first month sober, or your tenth year being sober, but recognizing these milestones is an important way to remind yourself of just how far you’ve come. You’ll need to be a little more creative for these types of social events,