Alcohol is known as the most abused drug in many different parts of the world specifically in Canada. While many people today have already refrained from drinking more than in the past, alcoholism still continues to pose a serious issue for the society. A lot of Canadians go into binge drinking and underage drinking is one serious problem of the country these days. Alcohol Addiction and its Potential Effects When one drinks more than what
When you are struggling with drug addiction, attaining sobriety may seem to be hard and impossible. But your way to recovery is possible no matter how difficult and hopeless your situation is. Keep in mind that change is always possible as long as you come up with the right treatment and of course, the kind of support that you get from people around you. Along with these, determining and addressing the root-cause of your addiction
A lot of people think that the word ‘drug’ suggests illegal or illicit activities. These people are not aware that tobacco and alcohol are the most common types of drugs which are widely used by many young people not only in Canada but in many different parts of the world as well. But as far as popularity is concerned, the cannabis or marijuana happens to be the most widely-used kind of drug in the country

What do Do if Your Child is Using Drugs?

Posted by addiction on May 21, 2019

Category: Teen Addiction
Kids are not just the parent’s source of happiness but also their source of worry. While a lot of books written by parental writers mindfully reminds us to raise our kids the right way, helping our children make the right choices isn’t always easy to do. That is especially true if you find out that your child is using drugs. Often, parents who discover that their child is using drugs are at a loss on
Drug abuse is a serious and rampant problem in Canada that needs immediate attention and initiatives from the Canadian government. The harmful and illegal use of substances particularly illicit and prescription drugs not only affects the user but the society as a whole. Organizations such as the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Illness are just a few of the treatment facilities that tackle this ongoing social and healthcare