Cocaine is one of the most common and gravely abused street drugs in Canada. You’ll probably hear other street names associated with the drug including coke, crack, snow, C, blow, flake, and freebase. There are pure and synthetic types of crack, depending on the content and how it was manufactured but all have the same adverse and oftentimes fatal effects especially when abused and overdosed. Who uses cocaine in Canada? In the previous years, the
What is Alcohol? Alcohol is known as a type of drug that slows down the normal functioning of the brain. While drinking alcohol can give a relaxing feeling and sensation, excessive consumption of it (binge drinking) can make your mind clouded, making it hard for you to think clearly, decide correctly and perform various tasks effectively. Who Drinks Alcohol? In Canada, a large percentage of adults consume alcohol and they do this responsibly. But since
Many people know Yoga to be an activity that helps you to relax and reduce stress. What you might not know is that it can help you deal with stressful situations such as addiction and recovery from addiction. When practicing yoga, physical and mental techniques are applied to target the part of the brain affected by substance use disorders. It also helps to reduce one’s cravings for drugs.  If you have anyone who has battled
As of today, more than six million Canadians smoke – 22.3% are males and 17.5% are females. While many of these people are heavy smokers, it is alarming to note that a large percentage of smokers fall under the teen category or youngsters with ages fifteen to nineteen years old. So, in what category do you belong? Whether you are a young or an adult smoker, it is important to take note of the bad
Relationships are important in our lives. We need others and others need us as well. But during the time that you were suffering from drug addiction, you may have severed some ties with your loved one. As much as you think that the damage is too big for the relationship to be mended, don’t lose hope. There are still ways that you can repair the relationships that have been broken because of drug use and