What are the Potential Effects of Crack/Cocaine Addiction to the Body?
Cocaine is one of the most prohibited drugs not only in Canada but in all parts of the world as well. While South America and the United States outrun all other countries, Canada has also gotten its share in the use and sale of this prohibited drug.  What is Cocaine?  Cocaine may not be a new thing to you as this drug is commonly branded as one of the most prohibited drugs and illegally distributed
What Does Heroin Look Like?  There’s a colorful background behind the opioid drug called heroin which earned it a controversial place in history. The drug is synthesized from another equally addictive and popular substance, morphine, which is derived from the opium poppy plant seed pod. The drug looks like a brown or white powder but there is a black sticky variant which is also referred to as the “black tar heroin.”  Fact 1: Heroin Use 
The Six Effective Ways to Stop Smoking According to Canadian Health Experts
Smoking cigarette or tobacco is a very popular habit which is not only observed in Canada but in the whole world as well. In fact, anywhere you go it is more likely that you will be able to see someone puffing a cigarette. While this is something that provides pleasure on the part of a smoker, there are underlying health-related problems that are actually attributed to cigarette or tobacco smoking.   While many people tend to
Drug Law in Canada

Drug Law in Canada 

Posted by Addiction Rehab Vancouver on November 19, 2018

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Drug Law in Canada  These days, drugs come in great abundance and they can be found almost everywhere. There are over-the counter (OTC) drugs that can be purchased and taken without a doctor’s prescription. Other types of drugs can never be taken out from the pharmacy unless prescribed by a licensed physician. The number of drugs is definitely overwhelming and taking the time to familiarize the different classifications of drugs should be highly considered in
drug rehab facility in Vancouver
Addiction is a social problem that comes in many different forms. We want to demonstrate the essential benefits and advantages of a drug rehab facility via one person’s unique road to full recovery in Vancouver. For example, there are more addict men than women; a younger age group tends to have experienced drug or substance abuse than any other age group; and people of Canada have been known to drink more than 50 percent over