Alcohol Affects Spousal Relationships
As one of the most common addictions across the globe, alcoholism effects the lives of many. Unfortunately, it is not just the lives of addicts who are affected. Families, friends and loved ones also suffer when an addict loses control, and the uphill battle to regain what has been lost can take a very long time, if the relationships ever recover at all. For those closest to alcoholics, including partners and spouses, the challenges of
Celebrate Sobriety
Celebrate Sobriety Whether you’ve been fighting an addiction for a few months or many years, after working so hard to become clean, it’s a great idea to celebrate that enormous achievement. It might be your first month sober, or your tenth year being sober, but recognizing these milestones is an important way to remind yourself of just how far you’ve come. You’ll need to be a little more creative for these types of social events,
substance-abusing children
Substance-Abusing Children No parents ever want to come to the realization that their child is abusing drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse, however, is an issue that continues to plague Canada, with high accessibility and a wide range of substances just waiting for their next victim. Every family is different, and every parent and child will be dealing with their own unique set of problems to overcome. No matter how parents handle this kind of situation,
Alcohol Treatment
Help a Recovering Addict Substance abuse is a continuous and serious problem for Canadians. Meny people are dealing with substance dependencies all over the country, and as a result, many people are directly affected by their struggles. Whether you’re a friend, family member or acquaintance of an individual who has experienced substance addiction, you’d be surprised how helpful or harmful even the simplest of actions can be. If you’re in the presence of a recovering
How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

Posted by addiction on February 17, 2018

There are many important conversations to be had between parents and their children. Some discussions will be matters of good manners and grades, while others will be about making good decisions and staying safe. It is important to know how to talk to your kids about drugs; the earlier you do it, the better. Meny young adults are exposed to different substances much earlier than their parents or guardians are aware, and those adolescents who