Workplace substance abuse may not be making news headlines consistently, but it’s certainly affecting the success of companies on a daily basis. When it comes to the number of people abusing drugs, approximately 70% are employed, implying that many of the people who are currently on the clock at work recently used or are presently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is unfortunate, since most jobs require focus and accuracy; not to mention,
Sober Activities
Sober Activities: The summer season is the perfect time for going to the beach, seeing concerts and socializing at backyard parties. Most people love the warmer season, because it means a more relaxing time with friends and indulging in delicious foods and beverages. However, the summertime is often linked with heavier alcohol consumption, which can make this time of the year difficult for some people. Individuals who are approaching an alcohol addiction, alcoholics, those trying
physical benefits of giving up alcohol
Alcohol is a very popular substance, and we are often exposed to the idea of drinking at a very young age. The media’s portrayal of alcohol tends to have a hand in this, creating the image that alcohol always means a great time, lots of celebrating and being surrounded by friends. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the serious dangers of drinking, and how it can affect the body even after short-term use. For those who
Quit Drinking
Alcohol is a commonly-abused substance all across the world. Drinking is often referred to as a laidback activity that is constantly advertised to viewers both young and old, and this approach to drinking leaves many to think it won’t become a problem for them. Almost 80% of the Canadian population drinks alcohol, and the media is constantly promoting and encouraging drinking as a way to celebrate and relax. Of those Canadians who drink, more than
Amends During Recovery
During addiction recovery, there is a strong emphasis put on the process of making amends. Making amends is more than just offering apologies, it is restoring justice for the wrongs you have done to others. This could be mean fixing something you’ve broken, paying back the money you owe or volunteering your time towards a good deed. Some amends may only require one act, while others may require more time, in order to prove how