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alcohol rehab work

Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

Questioning the success rate of rehabs is typical for people looking to treat alcohol addiction. Furthermore, mainstream media is awash with tales of dangerous withdrawal side effects. For many people, these rumours make them start to question the effectiveness of alcohol rehab programs. Here, we’ll

type of drug crack

What Type of Drug is Crack?

You may hear people use the word crack in discussions about drugs. But what kind of drug is crack? Is it dangerous? What are its effects? We will examine all the answers to these questions further down in this post. Crack is simply another form

help boyfriend quit smoking weed

How to Help Boyfriend Quit Smoking Weed

You may need to help your boyfriend quit smoking weed if you want something better out of your relationship. Where addiction is concerned, it’s important to take a careful approach while providing help. You want to make sure you’re helping your loved one with the

way to quit smoking weed

What is the Easiest Way to Quit Smoking Weed?

The most common way people consume weed is smoking. While cannabis is less addictive than other hard drugs, addiction is still a real possibility. Also, cannabis users may experience side effects like hallucination and impaired judgment. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to stop cannabis

quit smoking weed

What Happens When You Quit Smoking Weed

So, you finally decided to quit smoking weed or, let’s say; you’re seriously considering quitting. Either way, you’ll be doing yourself a world of favour when you finally drop the blunt. Of course, many people will disagree with our opinion, but we’re not going to

know about medical cannabis

All You Need to Know about Medical Cannabis

Cannabis isn’t harmful in itself, as you can use it for medical purposes without abusing it. Although recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018, medical cannabis got legal in 2001. Also, when you use it appropriately, medical cannabis can help to treat