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addiction treatment during covid-19

Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way the addiction treatment sector works. Thanks to social distancing and isolation rules, addiction treatment methods that are the norm have become defunct during the COVID-19 pandemic. The influence of the pandemic goes deeper than addiction treatment methods. In

drug rehab safe during the covid-19 outbreak

Is Drug Rehab Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

With the possibility of a fourth wave of COVID-19 in Canada, questions exist over the safety of a drug rehab centre during this period. Drug rehabs are constantly evolving by setting COVID-19 preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus. With protective and emergency

methadone uses

Methadone: Uses, Side Effects and Risks

Before now, methadone treatments for opioid addiction were not common. Today, several treatment centers apply methadone treatment techniques to help patients recover from opioid addiction. Seeing that methadone is an opiate, many people wonder why it’s useful for treating opioid addiction. Here is a little

get off methadone

How to Get Off Methadone

Knowledge of how to get off methadone is important due to the addictive nature of the drug. Methadone is a type of opioid doctors use to treat opioid addiction. Just like other opioids, methadone alters pain signals in the brain. Therefore, it’s useful in medical

methadone clinics

Guide to Methadone Clinics

Methadone clinics use this drug substance to treat addiction to opioids. It’s an opioid agonist used for opioid maintenance therapy and chronic pain management. Methadone functions by altering pain pathways in the brain and nervous system. Special centers with trained personnel use methadone to treat

what is methadone treatment program

What Is A Methadone Treatment Program?

A methadone treatment program is an effective option for treating addiction to opioids. Despite the growing popularity of the treatment, many people have doubts about its efficiency. When you take several types of opioids alongside other drugs, methadone blocks their effects on your body. The

what exactly is alcohol

What Exactly is Alcohol?

Alcohol is a chemical substance used as an ingredient in wines, vodka, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Alcohol produces a euphoric effect or feeling that makes people’s addiction to it quite easy. There are many negative effects that too much alcohol or alcohol use disorder

How To Tell If You’re An Alcoholic

Knowing if you’re an alcoholic or a casual drinker isn’t that easy. In Canada, many people take alcohol to bond, socialize, relax and celebrate. It’s not also uncommon to find people drinking or sharing alcohol at any time. Therefore, drinking as a problem may not

what happens if you drink everyday

What Happens If You Drink Everyday?

A sip of alcohol or a beer bottle once in a while doesn’t sound like a bad idea. However, when you begin to drink alcohol every day, you’re slowly impacting your body adversely. The speed of impact depends on your body system and the amount